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Oglala Lakota College Centers

South Dakota Map With All Campus Locations

Pine Ridge Reservation Districts Map With Campus Locations

Oglala Lakota College is decentralized.

To better serve the people of the Oglala Lakota Nation, Oglala Lakota College has a college center in each of its nine districts throughout the Pine Ridge Reservation. There is also a college center in Rapid City, South Dakota, which serves the needs of urban native and non-native students. It is located 88 miles from Piya Wiconi and is now our largest center with a recent enrollment of 450 students. In 2005 Oglala Lakota College was asked to establish a college center in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, to serve the needs of the people on the Cheyenne River Reservation. There are now 11 college centers providing college classes to students on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the Rapid City area, and the Cheyenne River Reservation, and our enrollment numbers continue to grow with each new semester.

The main administration complex, known as Piya Wiconi, is located seven miles southwest of Kyle and contains the main offices such as the President???s Office, the Financial Aid and Registrar???s Offices, the Business Office, the Bookstore, the Woksape Tipi (the library), the Head Start administrative offices, and the departments of Education, Math and Science, Agricultural and Natural Resources, and Applied Sciences.

Pass Creek College Center
Allen, South Dakota
(605) 455-2757
East Wakpamni College Center
Batesland, South Dakota
(605) 862-2032
(605) 288-1834
Cheyenne River College Center
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
(605) 964-8010
Pejuta Haka College Center
Kyle, South Dakota
(605) 455-2450
Wounded Knee College Center
Manderson, South Dakota
(605) 867-5352
LaCreek College Center
Martin, South Dakota
(605) 685-6407
Oglala (White Clay) College Center
Oglala, South Dakota
(605) 867-5780
Pine Ridge College Center
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
(605) 867-5893
Nursing College Center
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
(605) 867-5856
Oglala Lakota College Central Offices
Piya Wiconi, South Dakota
(605) 455-6000
Pahin Sinte College Center
Porcupine, South Dakota
(605) 867-5404
He Sapa Extension
Rapid City, South Dakota
(605) 342-1513
Eagle Nest College Center
Wambli, South Dakota
(605) 462-6274

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