Assessment Committee

Minutes of February 11, 2005

Board Room 10:35


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:35 a.m.


  1. Prayer:


  1. Roll Call of Members Present: P = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent


_P_ Shannon Amiotte                     _P_ Joan Nelson

_P_Stephanie Charging Eagle         _E_ Shauna Pourier

_P_Jim Dudek                                _P_ Janet Red Feather

_P_Ursula Gaertner                        _A_ Bill Swanson

_P_Gerry Geraud                           _A_ Irvine Twin

_P_Marilyn Kockrow                     _P_ Verine White

_E_Geraldine Little Whiteman         _A_ Karen White Butterfly


Note(s): The following members were excused from today’s meeting: Shauna Pourier and Geraldine Little Whiteman. Bill is working on the NASA project and has K-12 school outreach related responsibilities on Friday’s.


  1. Reading of Minutes of January 21, 2005: Minutes were reviewed. Motion to accept made by Stephanie, Seconded by Joan  and Unanimously Passed


  1. Officers’ Reports (Ursula, Marilyn, Shannon): No report from Ursula, Marilyn or Shannon.


  1. Need for New Committee Members / Officers: Discussion regarding committee member changes due to positions changes. Ursula will ask Devona to assign another district center staff member, as well as one or more student(s) to the committee.


  1. Sub-Committee Reports:
    1. OLC Assessment Policy (77-000) and Institutional Assessment Calendar (Jim, Gerry, Ursula) – still tabled
    2. Flow Chart Development from Assessment to Planning to Budgeting to Ensure Improvements – Not yet assigned; recommendation to leave until later. Strategic planning calendar is in place.


  1. New Business / New Agenda Items:
    1. Gerry proposed revisions to the Course Curriculum Development Process Policy 70-200/70-200-1 as noted in bold print on the exhibit. Group discussion led to the recommendation for a wording change with in the proposal, specifically: “…all proposals for courses must be accompanied by a completed syllabus” change to read “all proposals for courses must be accompanied by a model syllabus.”  In addition, the entire policy should gender neutral and clerical errors need to be fixed. Motion to accept the proposed policy revisions made by Jim , Seconded by Stephanie and Unanimously Passed
    2. Discussion related to placement tests. Jim asked if the January placement test results had been published; Gerry will bring the results to the next meeting. Placement test may be retaken. To advance from developmental courses students must pass the course. Placement testing to advance is also recommended. Joan would like to track student records of incoming students who do not pass placement tests to determine if there is a pattern of particular weakness from certain schools. Marilyn noted that some early entry students are not ready for college level courses and test into developmental courses upon taking the placement tests.  It is recommended that early entry students must pass placement tests into freshman level coursework.
    3. Gerry shared that he and Ursula are working on the strategic planning documents based on last Friday’s all-staff strategic planning meeting. Others who are interested in assisting are welcome to do so.
    4. Marilyn will share copies of the latest Institutional Research Board research reports. Joan noted that OLC was to be the central depository for all research done on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Ursula added that while tribal approval for research is granted, OLC is often never notified. Too often OLC is not seen as an equal partner in research grants. Follow through to monitor research on the reservation could be provided through the research institute office when it is developed at OLC.


  1. Announcements:
    1. Gerry shared that Shannon was recently honored as “South Dakota’s Friend of Mathematics” by the SD Council of Teachers of Mathematics for her work with the revision of the SD K-12 Mathematics Content Standards.


  1. Adjournment: At 11:40 a motion was made by Janet to adjourn; it was seconded by Marilyn and unanimously passed.



Respectfully submitted,


Shannon Amiotte



Exhibits: Course Curriculum Development Process Policy 70-200/70-200-1 (Revised2-11-05)