Institutional Review Committee

9-9-05 Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 10:09 am.  Cliff Delong  offered and was accepted to act as chair until elections were held.  Bill Elliott moved and Lorie Broberg seconded, to approve minutes of the last meeting as corrected.  The vote was unanimous to approve.


Old Business:

Insurance Committee:

Bill Elliot reported that the new single rate for health insurance this year will be $261.67 with deductible being $2500 and the family rate is $654.18 with deductible of $5000.  If current deductibles had been kept the coverage would have cost $307.70 for single and $769.25 for family.  Discussion continued regarding the vision and dental coverage and the information that Johnson and Associates had given.  It was suggested that a survey of all staff be done to determine the concerns regarding the vision plan.  A short recap of feeling toward self-funded insurance plans was discussed. 


Policy Review:

Sandy White Shield stated there was no report to give.



Cliff Delong stated technology needs to create this years strategic technology plan - lab workstation specifications need to be completed as they will be replaced this summer, Enterprise anti-virus providers need to be considered as well...


New Business:

Nomination for officers was called for by Cliff.  Sandy nominated Cliff as Chair, Adel seconded.  Milton moved nominations cease, Sandy seconded.  7 voted for the nominee, 1 against. 

Nominations for Vice-Chair were opened.  Milton nominated Paul Cedar Face, Phinet seconded.  Lorie nominated Adel, seconded by Sandy.  By unanimous vote Paul was elected Vice-Chair.

Nominations for recorder were opened.  Lorie nominated Sandy, Bill seconded.  Milton moved nominations cease, seconded by Bill.  Sandy declared recorder by acclimation. 


Sub-committee membership was now declared.   Cliff will serve on the Technology committee with Milton, Julie, Al and pswifth.  Policy and Review will consist of Sarah, Phinet, Sandy, Paul and Lori.  The Insurance committee will have as members Bill, Al, and

Sarah.  Chair of the Insurance Committee is Bill Elliot, Technology, Cliff Delong, and Policy and Review, Sandy White Shield. 


Bill moved to adjourn and Phinet seconded it.   Meeting adjourned at 11:23 am.