March 3, 2006

Mike Miller, Jerry Lessert, Adel Heriba will not be in attendance today.


Meeting called to order by Cliff DeLong at 1:13

Paul Cedar Face moved and Jeff Olson seconded approving the minutes as submitted.


Policies 50 thru 55 have been reviewed with changes made.  Sandy demonstrated how to make suggested changes to the policy.  She will email her changes to Dawn and Irvine for their review and changes. 


Paul reports from the insurance sub-committee that the Moodel web site is up with information for everyone’s review.  There has only been one question submitted for review.  Sherry Matthews is the new rep for Blue Cross Blue Shield and she would like to come on Mar 22, 9am to speak to the committee.  Paul says that staff is not reading the emails that are sent to all staff that pertain to insurance.  Because of this there is misunderstanding and perhaps misuse of the insurance coverage’s.  Paul encourages all of the committee members to come to the meeting to hear the presentation from BCBS.  Discussion ensued regarding what the meeting should encompass.  This should be an establishment meeting only.  Arlene suggested a meeting with all staff in August. is the address for Moodle.  Bill gave a “brief” run through of what has been put on the Moodle site with regard to health insurance.  Jeff Olson made a motion that an insurance informational meeting be held for all employees in August prior to the beginning of the renewal period, seconded by Deig Sandavol.  Passed unanimously. 


Technology sub-committee report by Cliff.  The internet has been down for several minutes due to use of the net in an non-academic endeavors.  During this time students cannot use the net for their work.  Users are asked not to use the net at work for non-work items. 


Bill showed us a new format for the catalog. is the web site to see the catalog.  He also show how to use the auto filter for the class listings for a semester. 


There was a discussion about whether a change to the way that registration week is done should be brought before this committee.  All of the different scenarios that happen in advising were brought up.  It was decided that the Chairs meeting is the place for this question to go. 


Jeff Olson moved to adjourn, Paul seconded, motion passed unanimously.