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Institutional Development Committee

November 3, 2006


Members present  see attached

Members absent:  see attached



10:10 a.m. The Committee was called to order by Arlene Quist.

Discussion ensued about whether or not we had a quorum to meet.  Jonnie sent a list of names to Ursula but not many people had signed up for this committee The sign up list only had these people on it :   Marilyn Kockrow, Michelle Bruns, Sarah Danner, Wilmer Mesteth, Paul Cedarface, Clifford Delong, Phyllis Swift Hawk, Ursula Gaertner, William Elliott, Dawn Clifford, Christina Janis, Larry Gauer..  According to who showed up at the first meeting, there are 17 members on the committee including Arlene Quist who is ex-officio.  Milton clarified that a simple majority of members constituted a quorum; according to this, we had a quorum with 9 members present.


Arlene declared the committee in session.  Arlene nominated Jerry Lessert as committee chair and Jerry was acclaimed as chair unanimously for this meeting.


Bryan Charging Cloud said a prayer.

He was recognized as a new committee member.

There was no agenda available.


1. Dan Koopman presented the updated version of paragraph D. I. of the Tuition (Policy) # 82-100; according to the modified policy, students may retake foundation courses 083 and 093 twice without incurring further tuition costs for these courses.  However, they do incur costs of fees.


10:14 a.m. Paul Cedar Face joins the meeting;


Exchange continues regarding the modification of the tuition waiver (policy) for foundation students.  Dan explains and responds to questions.


10:16 a.m. Marilyn Kockrow joins the meeting;


Dan continues his explanation; Arlene wants to know whether the waiver under paragraph D. I. is only for tuition; Dan says, yes.


Paul Cedar Face hands out the agenda, the minutes from last meeting, copies of the updated modified policy 82-100, and a memo regarding the grading of 083 and 093 Foundation courses.


Paul Cedar Face takes over as chair of the meeting.

Milton wants to know about the “M” Grades.  Dan explains that under the P/F grading system, students are penalized for the F but do not get the benefit of the P, since no quality points are awarded to affect the GPA.  An “F” grade affects the student’s GPA negatively.  To pass out of the course, students have to re-take the diagnostic test and pass it.  This means that students have to know pretty much 100% of the material covered in 083 and 093 courses.


10:30 a.m. Cliff DeLong joins the meeting; discussion takes place regarding Dan’s memo dated 10-23-2006 regarding letter grades for Math 083/093 and R&W 083 and 093.  Successful completion of these courses will be graded as A.  Unsuccessful students will receive an I rather than an F using a standardized “incomplete contract” for these students.


Motion by Cliff DeLong: To accept Dan’s modification of policy 82-100 with the change of deleting “and fees” in the first paragraph, third line.  Larry Gauer seconds;

Vote, approved 10; oppose: 0; abstain: 2

Motion passed;


Old Business:

Approval of Minutes October 13, 2003;

Correction: change name from Michelle Burns to Michelle Bruns in two places.

Larry Gauer moves to approve minutes with changes; Cliff DeLong seconds;

Vote: in favor: 12; oppose: 0; abstain: 0

Motion passed;


Subcommittee Reports:

  1. Insurance – Marilyn Kockrow reports that the subcommittee did not meet; however Marilyn met some Insurance Representatives in the parking lot and she was wondering whether anyone had met with them.  Arlene clarified to say that these individuals had met with her regarding property insurance and not health insurance.  Health insurance covers health, dental, and vision.  In response to Marilyn’s question regarding the charge for the committee, Arlene suggested that the subcommittee meet with her.
  2. Policy and Procedure – Larry Gauer gave the report.  Larry reported that the subcommittee had met; see minutes; the policy and procedures for Manual Maintenance 36-000 and 36-000-1 have been revised;  Marilyn reminded the subcommittee that the routing slip has to also contain routing information regarding the results from the Administration and the Board of Trustees regarding disposition of the policy and procedure in question.  The subcommittee will add these instructions to the existing routing slip.


Bill asked about update procedures for the Manual.  Cliff clarifies the routing slip and how updates are made by the President’s Administrative Assistant.  Furthermore, Cliff explained the back-up procedures of everything that gets added to the P/P Manual on the web; the only hard copy of the P/P Manual is in the President’s office and it is not clear whether that hard copy is kept up-to-date.


  1. Technology – Cliff DeLong explained that new laptops would be provided for the Department of Social Work; a new operating system is out: Fedora Core III; Bill stated that the programming class may be affected by the new operating system and software;

Questions were raised regarding Jenzabar and errors is assigning advisees; Arlene explained that the system is being upgraded with an admissions module which would take care of this.  The upgrade should be in place by next fall (2007).


New Business: None


Motion by Milton Fineran to adjourn; seconded by Marilyn;

Approved unanimously;


Meeting adjourned 11:25 a.m.

Minutes by Ursula Gaertner