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Institutional Development Committee

December 1, 2006


Members present  see attached

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1.)  1:25 p.m.  Meeting called to order by Chair, Paul Cedar Face;

2.)  Bryan Charging Cloud said a prayer – Thank you!

3.)  Cliff DeLong moved to approve the minutes from 11-3-06; Larry Gauer seconded;

       Minutes approved unanimously.

4.)   Subcommittee Reports:

 a.) Insurance – Christina L. Janis gave the report since Marilyn is on travel status.

            Christina handed out a comparison between Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield 

            and Dakota Care.  There have been discussions with Monie from Dakota Care

            who wants to speak to all staff.  Christina wants to get input from the staff before

            Monie’s talk.  There may be a penalty for switching from Wellmark to Dakota

            Care; Christina is waiting for a reply on this question.


            Cliff raised the question of what about pre-existing conditions.  Can deductible be

            rolled over into the new company?  Cliff suggested getting everything in writing

            from both companies.  Paul CF noted the increase to $30 of co-pay with

            Wellmark.  Arlene noted that administrative costs determine the premium; she

            suggested checking references for the two companies involved.  Suggestion is to

            wait for the references to come in and then switch in Fall 2007.


            Cliff noted that the size of the group determines the premium; switching

            companies too often may penalize us in the future.  However, Wellmark is too

            high for Head Start.  Monie wants to make it affordable for the other component.


            Arlene wants to know what the bottom line is; companies start out with low

            premiums and then raise it down the road.  Can we look into premiums for three

            years?  Cliff suggests that maybe we can go together with AIHEC colleges to

            make a larger group; members raised objections because AIHEC colleges have

            not been reliable in the past.


            Arlene states that we want to keep costs down but switching may not be the way

            to go.  Paul CF referred to their meeting with Sherry Matthews from Wellmark;

            she said it’s all based on group size; we only have 30-60% participation; she

            stressed that without Head Start, they cannot do anything for us.


           Cliff asks, “can we increase the fringe?”  Arlene: “No.”

           Christina states that going with Avesis for vision allows people to go to cheaper

           outlets like Wall-Mart  and Shopko.  The alternative company is VSP.  Paul asks

           the committee members to come up with comparative data and send it to Christina.


b.)    Policy and Procedures – Ursula G. present the new Policy and Procedures for 

      Manual Maintenance – reference numbers are 36-000, 36-000-1.  Also, the routing

      slip 23-007-2 (Exhibit) has been amended to include “Return Routing.”  The new

      Policy and Procedures take into account that the documents have to be available

      to the President’s Admin. Assistance in electronic format for uploading to the

      OLC website.  

      Cliff makes a motion to accept the modified Manual Maintenance Policy and

      Procedures and the modified routing slip (36-000, 36-000-1, 23-007-2).  Larry

      Gauer seconds; passed unanimously.

      Ursula will give Paul CF a signed current routing slip for forwarding to the Piya

      Wiconi Okolakiciye. (Put in Paul CF’s mailbox on 12-1-2006.)


c.)     Technology – Cliff gives the report.  The lap tops came in and most were picked

       up   Title III work stations have been ordered but not received yet.  Arlene talked

       about a problem with shipping and making payment.  The big order for desk tops

       for Head Start went in.  Jenzabar product development is moving forward; Cliff

       states that they need more prompt notification when something is broken. 


       Deig S. mentions the problem with attendance sheets and dropping students;

       Arlene states that this is a topic that needs to be discussed in the Instructional

       Affairs Committee.  Dan K. says he will talk to Gerry G. regarding Ws.


5.) a.)   Policy and Procedure, see #4.)b.) above.

     b.)   Foundational Studies: Dan Koopman presented a draft of the Americans with

            Disabilities Act Policy and stated that it needs to be put in place as soon as

            possible.  Ciff and Arlene suggest that legal counsel should be sought regarding    

            the formulation of the policy so as to make sure that OLC as a tribal college is

            protected.  Dan added that a legal version of the policy may be lengthier

            to prevent litigation.

            Sarah D. moves for Dan Koopman to invite the OLC Administration to seek legal

            counsel prior to the implementation of the ADA Policy because of possible legal

            ramifications.  Deig S. seconded the motion.

            Motion approved unanimously.


6.) Adjournment

      Larry G. moves to adjourn the meeting; Christina seconds;

      Approved unanimously.

      Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

      Minutes respectfully submitted by Ursula Gaertner