Institutional Development Committee Meeting                  April 17, 2009


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Pearl Cottier, Chris Noordsy, Christina Janis, Cliff De Long, Milton Fineran, Dieg Sandoval, Michelle Bruns, Marcel Bull Bear, Kathy Aplan.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM.   Marcel Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

Michelle Bruns moved and  Christine Janis seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved unanimously.

Sub-committee reports.


Chairman Christina Janis stated no report. 

Policy Review

Chairman Milton Fineran stated that the proposed changes to policy 64-700 were referred back to Piya Wiconi Okolokiciye by the Board of Trustees.


Compensatory time (policy)

A.       Compensatory time must be based on hours worked per work week (from Saturday to Friday) and work performed in addition to regular required hours or duty as requested and approved in advance by your supervisor.  The employee or staff must agree in writing to the work to be performed in addition to regular hours as, “straight time” or hour for hour, as opposed to being compensated.

B.      Compensatory time will be recorded on a separate record on a weekly basis.

C.      Compensatory time must be used within 30 days of being accrued.

D.      Compensatory time may be taken when it is not detrimental to the program, department or division.

E.       Compensatory time does not apply to travel time that is covered by per diem or mileage.

F.       Compensatory time does not apply to the President, Vice-Presidents, Directors or Faculty.


The review of Personnel policies sections 60-69 will be presented at the nest Institutional Development Committee meeting.  Discussion ensued over the phrase:  Policy 92-000 “College Centers are only for the use of Oglala Lakota College students”.  Milton will bring back this specific policy reference to the next meeting.


Cliff De Long reported on ongoing efforts in technology.


New Business


Michelle Bruns moved for adjournment and Cliff De Long seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.