Institutional Development Committee Meeting September 4, 2009


Members present: Paul Cedarface, Chris Noordsy, Cliff De Long, Milton Fineran, Michelle Bruns, Marcel Bull Bear, Leona Hopkins, Steven Potter, Phinet Red Owl, Pearl Cottier, Sandy White Shield, Christina Janis.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM. Marcel Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

Michelle Bruns moved and Phinet Red Owl seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted. Motion approved unanimously.

Officers for the Institutional Development Committee remain the same as last year. They are: Chairman - Paul Cedarface, Vice-Chairman Michelle Bruns, Recorder Cliff De Long, Ex Officio Chris Noordsy.

Sub-committee reports.


Chairman Christina Janis stated that an insurance representative from the Kelly Agency would like to meet with the Institutional Development committee. Wellmark will present the current package to an allstaff meeting. Subcommittee members for this year are Christina Janis (Chair), Paul Cedarface and Marcel Bull Bear.

Policy Review

Milton Fineran will continue as the subcommittee chair for Policy review. Volunteers for the policy review subcommittee are: Sandy White Shield, Marcel Bull Bear. Chairman Cedarface spoke extemporaneously regarding the policies surrounding the use of college centers.


Cliff De Long reported on student laptop acquisition, disposal of surplus equipment.

New Business


Phinet Red Owl moved for adjournment and Chris Noordsy seconded. Motion passed unanimously.