Institutional Development Committee

November 3, 2017

Round Room, Piya Wiconi


Meeting called to order by Mr. Cliff DeLong, Committee Vice Chair, at 1:15 pm.


Members present:  Tammy Bauck, Andy Thompson, Requaw West, Cliff DeLong, Nikki Pipe On Head, Jim Sanovia, Tawa Ducheneaux, Julie Johnson, Michelle Bruns, Pam Houston, Holly Boomer, Milton Finneran, David White Bull Sr., Jason Funk, Brett Bump (Yoda)

      I.         Opening Prayer given by Eric Peltier

    II.         Words of wisdom by Nikki "Go Team Go"

  III.         Old Business

A.     Approval of Minutes motion to approve made by Michelle Bruns, second by Andy Thompson.

  IV.         New Business:

A.     Policy Review Subcommittee (Nikki Pipe On Head)

       annual charge to review policy for grammatical clean-up. Nikki is working on disseminating the policy information.

      policy on mileage-to create accuracy for the distances to and from centers, towns, rez line

A.     Benefits Meeting (Andy Thompson)

      no report at this time

B.     Technology Committee (Cliff DeLong)

       The student laptop purchase program is completed.

       Reporting from AIHEC about technology infrastructure--all TCUs required to provide institutional data in the hopes of getting more monies from

       Achieving the Dream project will need

       Technology Audit-every 5 yrs OLC does an audit.

       Beta testing a mobile app to work with SMS (Jenzabar).

       Batesland has faster internet. Has used their 20 mgs already.

       Campus alerts policy needs work.

C.     Committee Charges – Julie Johnson (ex-officio)

      Eric Peltier offered to work with Julie to record distances from rez line to the Centers and to distances between Centers.

D.    Motion made to adjourn by Michelle Bruns. Second by David White Bull.