In attendance: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Dawn Frank, Sandy White Shield, Gerry Giraud, and Sarah Danner and Arvene Standing Elk. The Chair recorded the minutes of the meeting.


The meeting was called to order by the Chair Andy Thompson with six members present for a quorum and including one community member so that formal motions could be addressed by the committee.


Arvene Standing Elk was introduced as one of the three community members whom had been nominated. Dawn Frank expressed the need for self-introductions by the board members as a basic cultural measure of respect and that a prayer should be said at the beginning of the meeting. Each of the committee members then introduced themselves and their relationship to the College and the community.


The Chair then presented the status of the Community Action Proposals (CAP) and School Community Action Proposals (SCAP) of the Graduate Studies Department. There were no proposals that required a full committee review all of them qualified for an expedited review in that they were exempt for the review procedure and were minimally harmful to the research participants. Dawn Frank described the Graduate Studies Department colloquia on the 9th of December, and invited all of the committee members to attend.


The committee discussed the procedure for full committee review, that there should be some confidentiality to the process. A blind review was discussed where the names of principle investigators and/or students could be stripped from the proposals. Issues need to be further defined in the procedures of the committee.


The Chair restated the need for committee members to take and pass the IRB certification test at the cancer institute site as listed. He presented the certificate he earned, and said that the training and test took about 2-3 hours.


With no further business Sarah Danner moved to adjourn, second by Arvene, vote was called and all the members present voted in favor of adjournment.


Respectfully submitted:

Andrew Thompson, Chair