Instructional Affairs Meeting

January 21, 2005


Members Present:  Jean Bailey, Holly R. Boomer, Gloria Eastman, Mike Fredenberg, and Anthony Fresquez (made an appearance), Kim Her Crow, Leslie Rae Henry, Daniel Koopman, Patrick Lee, Jerry Lessert, Karen Lone Hill, Tatewin Means, Kateri Montileaux, Doug Noyes, Ida Red Bear, Martin Red Bear, Tim ReddyJean Reeves

Georgia Rooks, Brett Swanson, Jim Taulman, Carol Whalen, Vevina White Hawk, Susie White Thunder, Krausch, and Daniel Koopman


Members Excused:  Brett Bump, Shannon Calitri, Michelle May, Billie Hornbeck, Vera Mousseau, Craig Howe, Paul Robertson, and Billi Hornbeck and, Steven Platt

Kari Baker

Members Absent:  Andy Conrad


Opening Prayer:            Patrick Lee

Called Meeting to order @ 1:30 p.m

Motion to approve Agenda:                  Jean Reeves second by: Leslie Henry

                                                            Passed unanimously


Approval of last meeting minutes:          Moved by Ida Red Bear

                                                            Second by Carol Whalen

                                                            Passed unanimously


Sub-committee reports:

Faculty Development:                           Holly reported on the faculty retreat, will be hosting another one in April

                                                            Completed the budget modification

                                                            Reapplying for the Bush Foundation Grant        

                                                            Existing cap is $1500.00 per faculty member.

                                                            Continuing education (support) need to clarify with Shannon on the requirement on what is applicable for participation.


Curriculum:                                           Carol Whalen-No report this month


Distance Learning:

Kim He Crow- no report, Andy Conrad has all the documentation and all changes are still being worked on.         






General Education:                                Jean Reeves:  The committee discussed placement testing.

                                                            What to do with students who do not meet the standards

                                                            Early Entry students should have a GPA of 3.0 when entering college. (Check the college catalog)

                                                            Develop a link between the Part-time and full time instructors to improve staff relations.

                                                            Full time faculty need to be coaches rather then evaluators or observers.

                                                            Lakota studies department are still working on their assessment test.

                                                             There needs to some bridge between the college and the surrounding school boards to help with the Early Entry students.

                                                            Find a way for the GED Tutors to work with those students who have very low scores.

                                                            Holly Boomer suggested the Jean meet with Dr. Giraud for clarification on the Gen Ed committee’s role and expectations.

                                                            Discussed Students with Special Needs, currently no one is available to deal with the issue.

                                                            Ida Red Bear:  

                                                            The math department has a common imbedded final for all math courses; this is the first time they are getting the final back.

                                                            Early Entry students who are taking Algebra in High School and cannot pass the math placement 083-093, is not the responsibility or the college but the High School. OLC is not a dumping ground.

                                                            If students fail the 083 & 093 need to be referred to t he GED program or similar program.

                                                            Holly requested assistance from administration.

                                                            Karen Lone Hill; maybe check and see if the ACT or similar score be used rather than the High school transcripts.











Mileage/IS-                                          was tabled last meeting-No report


Research:                                             Leslie Henry: Members are :

                                                            Karen Lone Hill, Andy Thompson, Paul Robertson,

                                                            John Bandy, Leslie Henry and Sarah Danner                                                                                                    

Animal Review board chairperson is Andy Thompson,

Human research is Karen Lone Hill and Paul Robertson.

                                                            Animal Research has no forms, the committee is           

                                                            Will be looking at it, to include Federal standards,

                                                            And work with new board, and are currently                                                                 preparing for the release of funds.

                                                            Everyone needs to communicate on-line when they

                                                            Need help.


Old Business:                                        None at this time…


Carol Whalen:                                      Discussed the committee meeting structure, Carol and  Ed Haug suggested that any proposal for reading be sent to the curriculum committee at least two weeks prior to the actual meeting.

Kateri Montileaux                                 we should meet as we did initially


Holly Boomer                                       historically sub committee did not meet


Tony Fresquez                                      Enters meeting.


Carol Whalen                                       would like meet, read and discuss proposals prior to each meeting.


Meeting was set up in the following structure: if all staff ends before lunch we will have sub-committee meeting then go to lunch, after lunch reconvene with the regular committee meeting.

                                                            The committee wants to meet as a whole committee before lunch and go to sub-committee after lunch.










Charges                                                Need clarification and direction.

Tony Fresquez:                                     the issue of student attendance and participation as well as those students who are not academically ready was discussed. 


Attendance Policy:                                Need a committee to review and make some recommendation. Maybe we need better orientation.


Mike Freedenberg:                               The attendance policy is vague, the question of who drops who? The proposal to this question is to drop the five scattered to three and then figure out weho drops the student after that.

D. Koopman:                                       This was a struggle last semester, there are no definition for the tardy rule or when it becomes an absent.


Holly Boomer:                                      One suggestion is that if the student is one hour late or leaves an hour early will be counted absent.


Ida Red Bear:                                       Need to be careful so we do not lock ourselves into a corner, the issue of language and syllabuses were discussed.

                                                            Mike Freedenberg will bring something in writing for reading and recommendation.


Workload Policy:                                  There was discussion on workload and how to address all issues related to faculty/staff and overload and research and how to address such concerns.

                                                            There was some discussion regarding on-line classes verses soft monies verses hard monies.

                                                            There are no program systems to adapt to new technology.



Holly Boomer:                                      There was a discussion on the issue of attendance and workload which Mike Freedenberg will write up and present to Anthony Fresquez.


Anthony Fresquez:                                Excused and left from the Meeting





Kim He Crow:                                      Part of the Distance learning- will count as a regular load.

                                                            We need to look at the issue of 26 pay periods verses personal leave and sick leave.


Leslie Henry:                                        Look at other universities/ land grants, Leslie will check and report back on the overload issue.


D. Krunsch:                                          Will do research and bring it to the February meeting, will work with Mike Freedenberg and Holly Boomer


Patrick Lee:                                          Moved to adjourn the meeting

                                                            Second by Leslie Henry

                                                            Passed: Unanimously.









Georgia A Rooks, Recording Secretary