Instructional Affairs Committee

February 11, 2005


Members Present:

Jean Bailey, Holly Boomer, Brett Bump, Shannon Calitri, Gloria Eastman,

Mike Fredenberg, Kimberly He Crow, Leslie Henry, Daniel Koopman, Patrick Lee,

Karen Lone Hill, Michelle May, Tatewin Means, Vera Mousseau, Doug Noyes, Steven Platt, Martin Red Bear, Ida Red Bear, Tim Reddy, Jean Reeves, Georgia Rooks, Carol Whalen, Kari Baker, Dallas Krausch, and Carrie Child.


Members Absent:

Tracy Arobba, Ed Haug, Billi Hornbeck, Craig Howe, Jerry Lessert, Brenda McGlynn, Kateri Montileaux, Paul Robertson, Brett Swanson, Jim Taulman


Excused:           Anthony Fresquez (sick)


Holly Boomer:              Call meeting to order @ 10:40

Everyone was directed to begin their committee meetings for the next twenty minutes.


Approval of Agenda:                Moved by Jean Reeves, second by Leslie.

                                                Passed unanimously

Approval of Minutes

From Previous meeting: Moved by Dallas Krausch, second by: Leslie Henry

                                                Passed unanimously


Sub-committee Reports:          


Faulty Development:                 Shannon Calitri.  Faculty development committee is moving forward, all requests have been turned in for the last month.    Several faculty members joined the collaboration assessment meeting for Tribal Colleges.      

                                                The committee will be working on the new grant which will be ending in 2008.


Carol Whalen:                          Presented Jean Bailey’s Okolakiciye (purpose-based society model for content delivery) for the first reading.

                                                The document was perused and suggestion will be given back to the Human Services Department.

Jean Bailey:                              the document will be used for registration purposes and

                                                It will include several different options and will be integrating community involvement.  Jean will take it back and transfer the information on the required documentation forms.



Carol Whalen:                          Suggested a syllabus template fort he faculty and departments to make appropriate changes as necessary.

                                                Review and bring back to committee.


Brett Bump:                              The subcommittee stated that they need some direction; the policy was sent to the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye and was sent back due to the numbering system relating to the current course numbers.

                                                Reorganize, move on review and review and work on the current structure.


Shannon Calitri:

Holly Boomer:                          There is no standard policy regarding distance learning: i.e.: financial compensation or attendance.

                                                There was discussion on intellectual property, whose is it the faculty or OLC.

                                                There needs to be a meeting with faculty, Leslie Henry stated that all work done on OLC time belongs to the College.

Leslie Henry:                            The policy needs to be review and change if necessary.


Brett Bump:                              There are approximately 25 on-line classes.


Holly Boomer:                          There needs administrative support, black board needs more work, there needs to be a way of communicating with black board instructors during registration so classes do not get too large.

                                                The request was for the Department chairs to meet with Anthony Fresquez and the IT program.

Brett Bump:                              There are other options one can review, in the past we used Web-CT and currently Human Services used a module that seems to work for them.


Shannon C:                               WE need an evaluation of the Informational Technology, look at a list of possibilities, what is the Pic-tel policy?

Mike Fredenberg:                     The policy was completed and approved, but will need revision.  Pic-tel will eventually be phased out, it has been a source of frustration, the cost of maintaining the Pic-tel is about ten thousand dollars, who is going to pay this? This might be an issue for the Districts.


Jean Reeves:                             Michelle was delegated to make the General Education Sub-committee meeting.  The placement process has improved, and Gerald Garaud made a recommendation that the President make a directive regarding the submission of the placement results.

Mileage Subcommittee:             Pat moves that the mileage subcommittee be dissolved second by Shannon Calitri

                                                Passed unanimously


Mike Fredenberg:                     Brought in the revised attendance policy for the first informational reading, there was a lengthily discussion on the attendance/tardy policy and its implications: Nursing have a mandatory attendance policy due to the nature of their program, Early childhood requires the students to call as a courtesy to call in. Three misses or five scattered is too much in a 15 week time frame.

                                                Holly reminded committee to call Mike or email him with any suggestions, ideas or concerns before the next meeting.

will go back and put it on required documentation forms.


Leslie Henry:                            Will be meeting at 3:00 p.m.

                                                We will be going over 2 research grants and will make the report next month.


New Business:                          Resume Committee meeting @ 1:06 p

                                                Resume discussion on the issue of tardiness, as with the attendance policy give Mike your ideas.


Holly Boomer:                          A memo was submitted by Brett Bump and Holly read it to the committee:  Holly will turn it into a more formal documentation regarding Adjunct Pay Schedule Change.


Jean Reeves:                             It is important to go into the class as a coach rather than going in as some one there to review their methods.


Shannon Calitri:                        Shannon moves that Vice-President of Instruction call a meeting for Instructional Division to discuss Distance Learning processes

                                                Daniel Koopman Seconds

                                                Passed unanimously


Patrick Lee moves to adjourn, second by Jean Reeves

Passed unanomously