Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting

March 4th, 2005


Members Present:         Susie White Thunder, Jean Reeves, Carol Whalen, Dallas Krausch, Kim He Crow, Brett Bump, Mike Fredenberg, Billi Hornbeck, Tim Reddy, Dan Koopman, Brett Swanson, James Taulman, Kateri Mousseaux, Steven Platt, Georgia A. Rooks, Karen Lone Hill, Jean Bailey, Ed Haug, Holy Boomer,Marty Red Bear, Ida Red Bear, Michelle May

Members Excused: Vera Mousseaux

Members Absent:


I.                    Prayer was given by Thurman Horse

II.                 Approval of Agenda  by Kim He Crow to Approve the agenda

 Second by Jean Reeves

Passed unanimously

III.               Sub Committee meetings/reports: