Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting

April 14, 2005




Members Present: Jean Bailey, Brett bump, Mike Fredenberg, Ed Haug, Kimberly He Crow, Pat Lee, Jerry Lessert, Karen Lone Hill, Michelle May, Brenda McGlynn, Tatewin Means, Kateri Montileaux, Vera Mousseau, Doug Noyes, Steven Platt, Ida Red Bear, Martin Red Bear, Jean Reeves, Georgia Rooks, Brett Swanson, Jim Taulman, Carol Whalen, Keri Baker, Dallas Krausch, Carrie Child, Art Fisher, Susie White Shield, Leslie Mesteth,


Members Excused:  Holly Boomer, Shannon Calitri,

Brenda McGlynn for January Meeting


Correction, Doug Noyes has been to all meetings


Members Absent:  Leslie Henry, Tim Reddy,


Committee Meetings were held after All Staff was over.


Meeting called to order:            Brett Bump @ 1:11


Opening Prayer:                        Jean Reeves


Approval of Agenda:                moved by Jim Taulman second by Carol Whalen


Approval of March Minutes:     moved by Carol Whalen second by Jean Reeves


Jean Reeves:                             Assessment/Reviewed the Early Entry Policy, placement went out as a first reading-no action needed at this time.

Call for questions:

Tatewin Means-                       asked why?

Jean Reeves stated that juniors have tendency to drop out.

The placement will be added to the policy.

Kateri Montileaux-                   3.0 will allow the juniors to succeed

Brenda McGlynn:                     disagreed with the elimination of the juniors.  Amend ( Doug Noyes and Brenda McGlynn) the policy by leaving the juniors and raise the GPA

Any scores under 40 (incoming freshmen) scores under the 083-093 will be referred to the G.E.D.program.





Carol Whalen:                          Curriculum, template was submitted as a first reading; feed back needs to be given back to the Curriculum committee,

Discussion:  the development of the syllabus template is to help standardize the over all syllabuses used by the faculty of the Oglala Lakota College.  Each faculty will be able to add their own perspectives to the syllabus template.

The template will be on Black Board, all were agreeable-check with Brett Bump to see if he would work on it.

Karen Lone Hill                        B.S. Lakota Studies, presented by Brett Bump, 2nd reading-vote here at the Instructional Affairs Committee meeting and moves on to the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Committee, the only changes that need to be made are the number’s and the perquisites

                                                Georgia Rooks move to approve, second by Ida Red Bear

                                                Passed unanimously.


For any curriculum changes turn in to the curriculum committee at least one week before the

full Instructional Affairs committee meeting.

Brett Bump                               Distance learning –discussed

The policy went through the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Committee,

*Pic-Tel Compensation Policy-not paying from the MIE program any more it is now under the Administration of the Vice Presidents Office, remove from the MIE and delete existing, before adding new one. 

Mike Fredenberg                      this is part of his job, and does it without compensation, future funds may go to the Blackboard-Internet.  Removed 72510 moved by Mike Fredenberg, second by Kateri Montileaux to keep.

                                                Called for vote: Passed unanimously


Faculty Development:               Martin Red Bear nothing at this time

There is some money left to get your summer schedule in ASAP.


Placement Testing:                    Attached

Research:                                 No Report at this time.

Attendance Policy:                    Brenda McGlynn commented that counselors would like to do away with attendance policy.

Takes up a lot of the counselor’s time, Dropping and adding should be the student’s responsibility.

Kateri Montileaux:                    Attendance is specifically for the Financial Aid Office, Oglala Lakota College uses this for the Title 4, Pell, SEOG, work Study after the 6th week, and this is for accountability purposes.

The department of Education needs for us to verify before paying out, rather then pay back to the Department of Education.

                                                It is our form of documentation.


                                                Use the available technology

                                                Use an online template for attendance

                                    Utilize Jenzabar for the Financial Aid Office, maybe route the attendance from Jenzabar to the Financial Aid Office by the Instructional Staff

If this is decided upon, it will need to be completed by May I order to be out into the Catalog.

Brenda, Ida and Mike will be the task force and work on the attendance policy.



New Business:

Jim Dudek                                Presented the Information Technology curriculum changes,

Work group by Anthony Fresquez- Jim Dudek, Susie White Thunder, Bill Elliott, Brett Bump, Cliff Delong and Stacy Phelps.

Brett Bump:                              The ET course will be taught by the Education department.


Applied Science Dept:  New Business


Kathleen Alpan                         T.V production Curriculum changes-1st reading


Lori Broberg:                            Presented for Marilyn Kockrow.  Curriculum changes and revisions for the Applied Science courses

Kateri Montileaux:                    excused from the meeting



Brenda M:                                CoSu for all degree      

                                                Minimum of 6 hours per program

                                                Lakota Culture

                                                These need to be included as part of the course schedule.

Mike Fredenberg:                     Adjunct Policy-move the policy in an upward mobility (attached the old and revised policy)

Dallas Krausch:                        section 2 /two years, it should state that adjunct must teach at least 2 consecutive semesters and have a specific number of hours.

                                                Mike needs ideas for the Adjunct Policy.

                                                Mike will bring the old policy for the next meeting.





G. Howe:                                 Stopped in to encourage faculty to vote

                                                If you miss today, you can vote on Monday.

Keri Baker:                              If you are in Pine Ridge or near the Nursing buildings stop in and take a tour.


Motion to adjourn by Michelle May second by Ida Red Bear.

Vote:    Passed unanimously