Instructional Affairs Committee:



Members Present: Brett Bump, Susie White Thunder, Billi Hornbeck, Kari Baker, Michel Melvin, Carol Whalen, Patrick Lee, Gerry Giraud, James Taulman, Ida Red Bear, Martin Red Bear, Leslie Meseth, Mike Fredenberg, Brenda McGlynn, Michelle May, Kim He Crow, Edward Haug, Julie Johnson, Kateria Montileaux, Georgia A. Rooks, Jamie Lee, Ursula Gaertner, Anthony Fresquez, Holly Boomer, Doug Noyse, Shannon Smith-Calitri



The chairperson, Mr. Brett Bump called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.


Dr. Patrick Lee gave the prayer.


Dr. Gerry Giraud addressed the BlackBoard issue as to whether OLC should pay the license and continue to use it or if we should make an institutional switch to Moodle.


Discussion on BlackBoard vs. Moodle


            $12,000/per year

            $5,000 for another server


            Mr. Brett Bump reported an increase in Moodle usage during the past 30 days


            BlackBoard can be continued to be used without paying the $12,000. However, there will be no support from BlackBoard.


            Mr. Brett Bump recommended that faculty who use BlackBoard take a look at Moodle.


            Mr. Tony Fresquez reported that it has been questioned as to whether the Technology Fee covers the cost for BlackBoard.


            Discussion held on the possibility of obtaining a six month license for BlackBoard.


            Tests are being performed to test course cartridges on the Moodle site.


Ms. Shannon Smith-Calitri made a motion that BlackBoard be kept until through the end of the Spring 2006 without a license if it is legal to do so that the institution plan on converting to Moodle during the Fall 2006. Mr. Mike Fredenberg seconded the motion.   


Ms. Shannon Smith-Calitri questioned the legality of continuing to use BB without renewing the license. Brett will check to see what the legalities are.


Mr. Tony Fresquez suggested a friendly amendment to add that faculty training occur for Moodle.


If there are legal issues the motion will be revisited.


Motion passed unanimously.


New Business:


Assessment: no report, no more subcommittee




Curriculum: Has not met.

                        Dr. Ursula Gaertner presented proposed degree changes for the Human Services department.

                        AA degree in Chemical Dependence Counseling which is more focused.  This program has been approved by the State of South Dakota.


                        The Human services degree will be phased out.


                        Dr. Gaertner stated that the department is hopeful that a BSW and a AA in Chemical Dependency Level 1 will be in the catalog by next Fall 2006 semester.


                        Dr. Gaertner stated Continuing students will be able to substitute appropriate new courses.


Dr. Holly Boomer moved to accept as first reading. Mr. Tony Fresquez seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Tony Fresquez stated that the Humanities department is looking at an interdisciplinary studies and an AA in Liberal Arts. This will be brought to the committee by the next meeting. A student may chose which emphases area they want


                                    Secondary Education

                                    Alternative Certification/Teach Across America


                                    The plan is to develop and implement by Fall 2006.


Distance Learning Sub-Committee: No report.


Education: no report


FDC: Ms. Shannon Smith-Calitri reported that there is no more Bush money available. There is limited institutional money. The committee is looking to support primarily academic tuition expenses. If OLC receives another grant it will come in March. The committee is taking tuition requests today.


Placement Testing: no report


Research: No report


Mr. Tony Fresquez moved that the committee support the administration  and Cliff Delong in the purchase of flash drives(250) at least 256mb for all faculty including adjunct. Dr. Holly Boomer seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Tony Fresquez made a motion  adjourn. Seconded  by Dr. Holly Boomer. The motion passed unanimously


The meeting adjourned 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully sumitted,

Susie White Thunder