Instructional Affairs Meeting





Present: Kateria Montileaux, Georgia Rooks, Patrick Lee, Marty Frogg, Julie Johnson, Michelle, May, Carol Whalen, Ida Red Bear, Michel Melvin, Brett Bumpm Anthony Fresquez, Shannon Calitiri, Kim He Crow, Holly Boomer, Jean Reeves, Marty Red Bear, Doug Noyes, Susie White Thunder


The meeting was called to order by Brett Bump at 1: 15 p.m.


Georgia Rooks made a motion to approve the minutes. Seconded by Carol Whalen. Vote—unanimous. Motion carried.


Human Services curriculum changes

Carol Whalen made a motion to approve the curriculum changes for the Human Services degrees. Seconded by Ida Red Bear. Vote—Unanimous. Moiton Carried.


Brett Bump announced that a special meeting will be held on January 6th.



Discussion held on BlackBoard.


Shannon brought up concerns regarding dumping BlackBoard too soon.


Shannon Calitri made a motion OLC keep BlackBoard alive until June 2006 and pay the required fee. Seconded by Holly Boomer. Vote-Unanimous. Motion carried


Assessment: Dan….the main charge is to look at SD Board of Regents passing scores and developing a proposal.


Discussion held on the issue of placement scores.


Tony questioned enforcing a minimum threshold for placement testing.


Discussion held on options for students testing low on compass.


Discussion held on possible vocational tracks.


Discussion on developing 3 tracks: academic, vocational, skills


Faculty Development: Shannon reported that the new Bush grant proposes that we can find answers to some of these problems with placement and testing. Funds will be  available for conferences and training for faculty.


Attendance: Discussion on the computerized attendance sheets


Shannon Calitri made a motion that Brett Bump coordinate Jenzabar and put all attendance and that is coordinated with the district centers, registrar and financial aid. Seconded by Tony Fresquez.


Discussion held on the attendance system.


Motion made by Holly Boomer to put together a policy and procedure relevant to entering attendance and grading electronically  that will be  sent to the financial aid office and the district centers. Seconded by Tony Fresquez. Vote: 16 for 1 against. Motion carried.



Curriculum: no report


Distance Learning: no report


Education: No report


Placement: No report


Research: No report


Shannon Calitiri made a motion  to adjourn Seconded by Kateri


Meeting adjourned 2:55 p.m.