Instructional Affairs Committee

Meeting 1:20 pm September 8, 2006

Woksape Tipi Library


1.      Meeting called to order by Shannon Smith


Attendance Roster:

Michelle May

Susie White Thunder

Anthony Fresquez

Ida Red Bear

Jenni Rodin

Sharon Cordova

Carol Whalen

Shannon Smith

Jamie Lee

Jeffrey Olson

James Taulman

Steven Potter

Julie Johnson

Michel Melvin

Patrick Lee

Georgia Rooks

Thelma Zimiga

Lisa Grimes


2.      Prayer by Pat Lee


3.      Shannon indicated that no charges had been given to the committee yet and that faculty development subcommittee has been removed as a sub-committee for Instructional Affairs


4.      Shannon called for the election of new officers for this year


Nominees for Chair: Ida Red Bear, Michelle Melvin, Michelle May

Michelle May elected as Chair by unanimous vote


Single Nominee for Vice Chair: Jeff Olson

Jeff Olsen elected as Vice Chair by unanimous vote


Nominees for Secretary: Georgia Rooks, Carol Whalen, Steven Potter

Steven Potter elected as secretary by unanimous vote


5.      Shannon opened discussion on possible committee charges


  1. Regarding number of students allowable in a class
  2. Review of mileage policy
  3. Foundational Studies Admissions Threshold Policy
  4. Incoming students being allowed into classes without adequate pre-requisites


It was informally agreed that the establishment of subcommittees will occur at next month’s meeting, based on charges acquired.


6.      Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm