Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Dr. Jeffery Olson    Recorder: Steven Potter

October 13, 2006



1.     Call to Order at 11 am


2.     Attending:

Gary Jones

Jamie Lee

Jenni Rodin

Carol Whalen

Ed Haug

Kari Baker

Sharon Cordova

Jeffery Olson

Michelle May

Brenda McGlynn

Patrick Lee

Kateri Montileaux

Thedna Zimiga

Georgia Rooks

Craig Howe

Julie Johnson

Mike Fredenberg

James Taulman

Tim Reddy

Tony Fresquez

Steven Potter


3.     Invocation by Pat Lee


4.     Minutes

Motion for approval of old minutes by Jamie Lee

Seconded by Dr. Jeffrey Olson


5.     Old Business

No old business


6.     New Business

A.     Humanities & Social Science Degree – Curriculum Change

Sponsored by Gary Jones

Proposal: Drop Instructional Communication course and add Non-verbal Communications.

Change documents were distributed,

                  Discussion ensued. Recommendations:

                              Enhance catalog description.

Motion to accept change by Carol Whalen

            Second by Jeff Olson

                  Change approved unanimously.

B.     Social Work Degree – Curriculum change

Sponsored by Dr. Jeffrey Olson

Proposal: Drop math-313 (introductory stats course) as a prerequisite to the research component for the social work bacculaurate degree and place it as an upper division elective within the program.

Jeff presented rationale behind change and discussion ensued.

A concern for promoting ongoing math education was raised by Mike Fredenberg and Tony Fresquez. Dr. Olson clarified that stats is not considered core to the social work program.

Motion to adopt by Pat Lee

Seconded by Carol Whalen

Nine in favor

Six against

One abstain

The motion was passed      


7.     New Business – Subcommittee assignments

The following subcommittees were proposed:

Curriculum Subcommittee—Conduct evaluation and research regarding proposed changes in curriculum and provide recommendations.

Core Evaluation Subcommittee—review core for efficiency and applicability and review alignment between core and institutional philosophy.

Academic Issues Subcommittee—Evaluate issues impacting academic performance and provide recommendations regarding their resolution.

Distance Learning Subcommittee—Review instructional methodologies and student learning efficacy within the institution’s online instructional environments.

Tony Fresquez motioned that the proposed subcommittees be created.

Carol Whalen seconded.

After additional discussion, it was agreed that the subcommittees would meet prior to the full committee meeting.


8.     Committee adjourned at 11:48

Tony Fresquez motioned,

Dr. Jeffrey Olson seconded.