Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda

Chair: Michelle May Vice-Chair: Dr. Jeffery Olson Recorder: Steven Potter

December 1, 2006


  1. Call to Order at 11:28am

Invocation by Pat Lee


  1. Attending:

Sharon Cordova

Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michelle May

Jeffrey Olson

Steven Potter

Ida Red Bear

Jenni Rodin

Jim Taulman

Carol Whalen

Mike Fredenberg

Georgia Rooks

Thedna Zimiga




  1. Approval of Old Minutes

Motioned by Jeff

Seconded by Sharon


  1. Old Business

A.     Defensible Faculty Evaluation Process proposal (Dr. Giraud)

Deferred to next meeting.

B.     Faculty Ranking System proposal (Dr. Giraud)

Deferred to next meeting.

C.     Approval of Faculty Leave policy verification (Michel Melvin)

Deferred to next meeting.


  1. New Business

A.     Applied Science (Leonard Ferguson)

Change in Applied Science course positioning within programs (see attached)

Motion to accept proposed changes by Steven Potter

Seconded by Pat Lee

Discussion concerned approval process via curriculum committee.

13 in favor

None opposed

B.     Education Dept. (Art Fisher)

Proposal for approval of Ed Dept student handbook

Dr. Art Fisher presented essential content to be provided in handbook and the importance of the handbook as a valuable guide to teacher accreditation requirements. It was greed that the Ed. Dept. student handbook would be distributed through listserv for review and then acted upon at next meeting.

C.     ADA Policy (Dan Koopman)

Mr. Koopman was not present to provide the information.

D.     Subcommittee Meeting Times Policy proposal (Steven Potter)

Steven Potter addressed the need to schedule subcommittee meeting as a regular agenda item. After discussion it was agreed that subcommittes would meet before the main committee.

Motioned by Steven Potter

Seconded by Jeff Olson

Unanimously passed

E.      Subcommittee Charges proposal (Steven Potter)

Deferred to appropriate subcommittees


  1. Committee adjourned at 11:53