Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Dr. Jeffery Olson    Recorder: Steven Potter

January 19, 2007



  1. Call to Order 1:23pm
  2. Invocation—Marty offered a prayer

Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michel Melvin

Jeffrey Olson

Steven Potter

Michelle May

Ida Red Bear

Jenni Rodin

Georgia Rooks

Jim Taulman

Carol Whalen

Thedna Zimiga

Brenda McGlynn

Karen Larson

Kari Baker

Ed Haug

Marty Frogg

Craig Howe

Mike Fredenberg




  1. Subcommittees met at 1:28
  2. Approval of Old Minutes

Approved unanimously


  1. Old Business


A.     Approval of Faculty Leave policy verification (Michel Melvin)

When faculty pursues further education, they should not have to take personal leave. Discussions continued.

Brenda McGlynn presented materials regarding educational leave.

After comments, recommended that the issue be moved to the academic issues subcommittee.


B.     Education Dept. (Art Fisher) Proposal for approval of Ed Dept student handbook

Art reiterated the NCATE and Ed. Dept. approval status of the Ed Dept handbook. He described prospective teacher interview procedures and certification process.

Further discussions revolved around the approval process.

Move to approve doc with suggested edits by Dr. Olson

Brenda seconded

14 approved, 1 non-vote

Motion passed.


C.     Defensible Faculty Evaluation Process proposal (Dr. Giraud)

1, 3, and 5 yr contracts proposed by Shortbull. Establishing a rational way to assess who qualifies per contract length. Current evaluations are not well defined. Requesting an ad-hoc committee be formed to formulate a process. Should reflect concerns by both faculty and admin. Giraud encouraged faculty to participate. Current evaluations are hit and miss.

Craig Howe spoke on the issue of OLC’s lack of faculty representation, recalling the short existence of the faculty senate, and warned of the issue being “forced” by entities outside of faculty interest.

Discussion proceeded.

Tony noted that faculty evaluations already exist at OLC, but needs to be modified or fine-tuned.


D.     Faculty Ranking (title) System proposal (Dr. Giraud)

No discussion


  1. New Business

A.     Paramedics – AA Degree curriculum (Sarah Danner)


Opportunity to offer associate degree in paramedic area.


Michelle recommended that the proposal be passed to the curriculum subcommittee.


  1. Adjourn


motion by Jeff

seconded Brenda