Instructional Affairs Committee


February 9, 2007

Attending:  Michelle May, Jeffrey Olson Shannon Colitri, Tony Fresquez, Carol Whalen, Craig Howe, Michelle Melvin, Jamie Lee, Pat Lee


Call to Order – 10:30AM


Invocation – Tony


Approval of Minutes – Tony moves to accept, and Michelle Melvin seconds.  Unanimously approved


Old Business


  1. Personnel Policy & Procedure Review – 67-100 – Tony moves to accept for first reading the draft for a new policy as put for by Brenda McGlynn with the understanding the sub-committee determine if this should be examined in concert with the Institutional Development Committee.  Shannon seconds. 
    1. For 11, Opposed – none


  1. Paramedic AA degree – Sara Danner – next meeting…


  1. Math & Science proposal


New Business –


  1. Faculty Development Committee recommendations – for informational purposes. 
    1. Advising and other issues. 


Tony - Motion to Adjourn: 

Michelle Melvin – seconded

Adjourned - 11:35AM