March 9, 2007 IA committee minutes


Call to Order at 10:47 am




Jamie Lee

Jeffery Olson

Ida Red Bear

Jenni Rodin

Georgia Rooks

Carol Whalen

Thedna Zimiga

Brenda McGlynn

Michelle May

Steven Potter

Leatrice Wilson

Kateri Montileaux

Karen Larson

Marty Red Bear

Jim Dudek

Paul Robertson

Susie White Thunder

Crystal Paulson





Unscheduled Agenda Item:

Paul Roberson presented a model for a proposal to replace the Social Science option in the current olc BA in liberal arts degree. Paul presented and explained the proposed changes in the model provided. The information was presented for discussion purposes.

He was advised to present his material at the curriculum committee.

(add him to new business for next month)


Subcommittee Meetings

Convened at 10:57, Adjourned at 11: 41


Meeting reconvened at 1:15pm


Due to the lack of a quorum, the remainder of business was postponed until the next IA committee on March 23rd at 10 am.


Approval of Old Minutes

Paramedic AA degree – Sara Danner


New Business


Jeff Olson: Personnel Development Policy Draft

(see attached documentation)


Applied Science package—first reading


IT Dept--Modification to Bachelor of Science degree in information technology—first reading



Adjournment at 11:45 am