Time: 1:13, May 4, 2007


Prayer by Tony Fresquez



Michelle reviewed the voting results for the agenda items on the March 9th minutes

March 9th minutes approved motioned by Michelle, seconded by Ida

Applied Science package motion to approve second reading.

Discussions proceeded. Crystal responded to questions raised by the committee.

Motion to accept by Sharon Cordova

Seconded by Carol

9 in favor, none opposed.

Motion passed


IT Dept package motion to accept second reading

Motion by Michell, second by Jeff.

Jim gave a short presentation regarding the proposed Database Management option of the Bachelors degree program.

Discussions proceeded. Jim responded to questions

9 in favor, none opposed

Motion passed




AAS in Paramedicine package motion to accept first reading.

Motion by Tony, seconded by  Jeff

Sara presented an introduction to the proposal and presented guests to explain the need of a paramedic degree program: Sal G. and Lynn Burkman

Discussions proceeded, with questions fielded by Sara, Lynn and company.

Concern was expressed regarding costs and qualifications required by the program, given the fact that critical training was proposed to be provided  by an outside entity.

Alterations to the proposed program were suggested and debated.

12 in favor, none opposed

Motion passed


Sara requested for motion to accept as a pilot program.

Jeff motioned to accept the program as a pilot program, to go into the fall catalog into the fall with conditions (MOA, MOU, and that it be passed through the committee for approval). Shannon seconded.

7 in favor

3 opposed

3 abstains

Motion passed


Package proposing Humanities curriculum changes package for first reading.

Motion to accept package

Seconded Cheryl

Paul Roberson gave a presentation regarding the package contents and its development.

Discussion proceeded.

13 in favor

None opposed


Proposal to accept Math and Science package for

Mike Fredenberg presented information on the package

Discussion questions proceeded.

Motion by Carol to approve for second reading

Jeff seconded

16 in favor

None opposed


Proposal to create a  new Business Department

Lori Broberg presented reasoning for the new department and described it makeup

Discussion and questions proceeded.

Motion to accept for second reading by Mike. Second by Shannon.

12 in favor

None opposed

Motion passed.


Update of Faculty Evaluation process development


Motion to ajourn by Tony

Seconded by Michelle

Time: 3:06