Instructional Affairs Committee

September 7, 2007

(Minutes have not been approved)


Attending:  Michelle May, Art Fisher, Marilyn Kockrow, Fedelia Cross, Shannon Smith, Karen Larsson, Georgia Rooks, Thedna Zimiga, Julie Johnson, Glorianna Cordova, Susie White Thunder, Elaine Gibbons, Jeffrey Olson, Paul Robertson, Sharon Cordova, AJ Silva, Pat Lee, Ida Red Bear, Tony Fresquez, Craig Howe, Jason Tinant. 


1.      Meeting called to order, 10:30AM


2.      Tony Fresquez offered a prayer


3.      Michelle greeted the committee and introduced new library members Sharon and Glorianna and a work study student, Osceola Blue Horse


4.      Approval of May 4, 2007 minutes


a.       No one had a copy of them.  They will be sent out and we’ll vote on their approval next meeting. 


5.      Nominations for officer positions


a.       Nominations for Chair of the Committee

                                                   i.      Michelle May – only nomination

                                                 ii.      Vote – Unanimous

b.      Nominations for Vice-Chair of the Committee

                                                   i.      Shannon Smith

                                                 ii.      Vote – unanimous

c.       Nominations for recorder

                                                   i.      Jeff Olson

                                                 ii.      Vote – Unanimous


6.      Sub-committee Assignments


a.       Curriculum Committee – Reviews any new courses, programs, elimination of courses.  Needs to go to the Department Chair and the VP of Instruction prior to bringing the proposal to the sub-committee.  Sub-committee then recommends to full committee action on proposal.  Approval form needs to be signed by department chair and VP of instruction.

                                                   i.      Committee Members

1.      Art Fisher

2.      Marilyn Kockrow

3.      Fedelia Cross

b.      Distance learning – No action for years. 

                                                   i.      Committee Members

1.      Shannon Smith

2.      Karen Larsson

3.      Georgia Rooks

4.      Thedna Zimiga

5.      Julie Johnson

6.      Glorianna Cordova


c.       Core Requirements – Will review the core curriculum over the course of the academic year.

                                                   i.      Committee members

1.      Susie White Thunder

2.      Elaine Gibbons

3.      Jeffrey Olson

4.      Paul Robertson


d.      Academic issues – Any non-curriculum issue concerning academic affairs; e.g. advising, governance, etc. 

                                                   i.      Committee members

1.       Sharon Cordova

2.      AJ Silva

3.      Pat Lee

4.      Ida Red Bear

5.      Tony Fresquez

6.      Craig Howe

7.      Jason Tinant


7.      Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting protocol:


a.       Prayer

b.      Approval of minutes

c.       Break into sub-committees

                                                   i.      Sub-committee meetings for 30 minutes

d.      Reform into full committee


8.      Old Business


a.       First Reading/Second Reading Process – internal procedure instructional affairs committee – apparently not part of policy. 

                                                   i.      This was problematic last year. 

                                                 ii.      Proposal is sent to the IA Chair.  She sends it to the sub-committee.  Sub-committee meets and brings recommendation to full committee – first reading and then full committee votes on proposal. 

1.      This takes place in one committee meeting

                                                iii.      Proposal goes back to sub-committee and makes changes based on discussion over the following month through email/attachments

                                               iv.      For second reading, the sub-committee brings back the proposal to the full committee which votes to pass or reject. 

b.      Shannon Smith will send Recorder work performed three or four years ago that addressed this issue. 

c.       Suggested that two meetings be held in April in order to finish IA committee business. 


9.      New Business


a.       Core Curriculum

                                                   i.      Review GE goals & objectives of 2004

                                                 ii.      College success course

                                                iii.      College wide math requirement

1.      Suggested that the Curriculum sub-committee be responsible for math and cosu review and Core Requirements sub-committee be responsible for reviewing GE goals.

b.      Foundational studies reading and writing

                                                   i.      Jamie Lee gave an overview of proposed changes for 083 and 093 to become Level 1 &2. 

c.       IA website will be developed by Jeff Olson

d.      Any proposal to be reviewed by IA committee should be funneled to the appropriate sub-committee by the person putting forth the proposal. 


10.  Announcements


a.       Paul Robertson will be presenting his book Friday, “Power of the Land” September 14 at 1:30 PM

b.      Faculty Retreat – Submit form saying you’re attending to Marty Redbear by today.  Oct 26/27

c.       Sonia Manzani – coming to reservation, 9-26-07, presenting at little wound school at 9:30AM

d.      SD festival of the book 9-28 through 9-30.  In Deadwood.  No charge. 

e.       Jamie Lee talked about the author of the program they are using

f.        Paul Robertson talked about service learning.  Gave a report of what’s going on, and backing up, what it is. 

g.       Brett Bump sent - I was hoping to be there for the meeting, but the ragweed just doesn't seem to be letting up.  The students have already been informed of the wikipedia system, and have had access to it for the last 2 weeks.  There are no direct links to it as I would rather not advertise it's location to the rest of the world so it won't get vandalized before students and faculty have had a chance to work with it.


11.  Adjourn

a.       Motion to adjourn - Tony

b.      Seconded - Paul

c.       Adjourned 11:38