Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Shannon Smit    Recorder: Jeffrey Olson

February 8, 2008



  1. Call to Order 10:12 AM


  1. Invocation—offered a prayer



Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michel Melvin

Jeffrey Olson

Marilyn Kockrow

Michelle May

Tony Fresquez

Glorianna Cordova


Shannon Smith

Jason Tinant


Judith Grahm

Karen Larson





AJ Reynolds




  1. Approval of Old Minutes
    1. January 18, 2008

1.      Moved to accept: Paul Robertson

2.      Seconded: Jeff Olson

                                                             ii.      Passed by Unanimous consent


  1. Subcommittees met at 10:15AM


Subcommittee Reports:


Curriculum Committee


1.      Paul Robertson reported on the changes in the humanities department.  Committee affirmed the changes and thought it should go to second reading. 


Core Requirements Committee


1.      Summarized work – set up a plan to generate a report for next meeting. 


Distance Learning


1.      Set up a plan to evaluate distance learning program, how to better utilize resources, perhaps hire a coordinator. 


Academic Issues


1.      No report



  1. Old Business


    1. Second reading – Applied Science, Marilyn Kockrow


                                                               i.       Proposing plumbing degree – summary sheet

                                                             ii.      Changed name of basic accounting to ewntr 103, keepin finanacial records

                                                            iii.      Added bad 223/423 Organiziang and operating a small business to entrepreneurship degree. 

                                                           iv.      Changed section 4, professional requirement electives on cthe customer service degree and entrepreneurship degree to require courses

                                                             v.      Moved car 232 residential and light community building codes from trades core to professional requirements on general consruction degree

                                                           vi.      Added plmb 103 – plumbing fundamentals to general construction degree

                                                          vii.      Changed name of Elec 122 to NEC Codes

                                                        viii.      Changed name of Elec113 to electrical blue prints

                                                           ix.      Deleted Elec 112 power distribution

                                                             x.      Added plumbing to the trades certificate

                                                           xi.      Changed course description on car 114, car124,& car 214 to reflect that students should do the on-site projects for their specific degrees


1.      Motion to approve above changes; - Julie

2.      Seconded – Shannon

3.      Unanimously approved


    1. Second reading – Business Department Lorie Broberg – recommending

1.      Packet as presented by the Business department

                                                             ii.      Motion to approve – Jamie Lee

                                                            iii.      Seconded – Suzie White Thunder

                                                           iv.      Unanimously approved


  1. New Business


    1. First Reading – Humanities & social sciences – Paul

                                                               i.      Motion to accept proposal as submitted by Humanities department

                                                             ii.      In favor – all

                                                            iii.      Opposed – none

                                                           iv.      Passed – will be on agenda for second reading next month. 


    1. A packet was handed out to the curriculum committee to read for next time – from Lakota studies department – will come up for first reading. 


  1. Announcements


  1. Adjourn 11:25AM