Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Shannon Smith    Recorder: Jeffrey Olson

April 18 , 2008


  1. Call to Order Noon


  1. Invocation—Paul offers a prayer



Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michel Melvin

Jeffrey Olson

Marilyn Kockrow

Michelle May




Steve Hernandez

Jim Dudek

Cliff DeLong

Georgia Rooks

Karen Larsson

Susie Whitethunder

Art Fisher


Gloriana Cordova

Gloriana Cordova

Brett Bump

Carol Whalen


  1. Approval of Old Minutes


    1. 3-08-08

                                                               i.      Moved to accept: Carol Whalen

                                                             ii.      Seconded: Michelle Melvin

                                                            iii.      Passed by all but one – one abstension. 

1.      Correction that the proposal for social work was not up for first reading

2.      Accepted


    1. Motion – strike 72-510 – gets rid of paying people to teach by picturetel, and counselors to turn on the machines – Brett Bump

                                                               i.      Seconded – Glorianna Cordova

                                                             ii.      Discussion – explained

                                                            iii.      Vote -  17 ayes, 1 abstension



  1. Subcommittees met at 10:00


Curriculum Committee


1.      Approved proposed changes for IT department

2.      Approved changes for Lakota studies department – sent to full committee

3.      Also looked at foundational studies – approved as a first reading. 

4.      Also looked at the chemical dependency changes – need a full syllabus

a.       Forwarded to full committee for approval. 


Core Requirements Committee


1.      Finalized recommendations on report – will send out to full committee in the next week or two. 


Distance Learning


1.      Reviewed current issues – recommendation made for a coodinator of distance learning services, but rescinded that and are looking at ways the committee can manage those tasks.

Academic Issues




  1. Old Business


    1. Second Reading – Lakota Studies – Karen Lone Hill


                                                               i.      Motion to accept the proposal for a second reading.  Carol Whalen


1.      Seconded – Michelle Melvin


                                                             ii.      The first proposal is a BA in Lakota Studies – just a revision to the degree


1.      Credits reduced to 130 to 112. 

2.      Summarized major changes. 


                                                            iii.      AA in Tribal Law


1.      New, two year degree – purpose – statement of need – specially trained tribal court advocates needed.  Can continue in BA as this is a core. 


                                                           iv.      11 new courses developed – handed out during first reading


                                                             v.      Vote – Unanimously passed


    1. Second reading – IT Degree Revision of AAS degree in computer science to AAS in Business Office Computing – Jim Dudek/Susie White Thunder


                                                               i.      Motion to approve the proposal – Carol Whalen

                                                             ii.      Seconded – Karen Larssen

                                                            iii.      Discussion – reviewed changes

                                                           iv.      Vote – passed unanimously


  1. First Reading


    1. CD course – Foundations of Individual counseling

                                                               i.      Motion to approve – Carol

                                                             ii.      Seconded – Steve

                                                            iii.      Vote Unanimously passed

    1. Foundational Studies –  Revision of Placement Matrix for the Catologue, Primarily to include college success (COSU 103)

                                                               i.      Motion to approve for first reading – Steve

                                                             ii.      Seconded – Michelle

                                                            iii.      Discussion – students can take anything that doesn’t have a pre-requisite – don’t want to have students take classes where there is a lot of reading/writing. 

                                                           iv.      Vote –Unanimously approved


  1. Discussion


    1. When are the catalogue changes due – no one knows


  1. Announcements


    1. Father Noisy Hawk – presentation on suicide awareness at the library. 


  1. Adjourned 12:40 PM