Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
: Dr. Jeffery Olson,   Vice-Chair: Shannon Smith    Recorder: Lynnea Bouhenguel and Thedna Zimiga, Recording for this month: Thedna Zimiga  January 9, 2009, 10:47a.m.

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Brett Bump, Jim Dudek, Paul Robertson, Jamie Lee, Kimberly Bettelyoun He Crow, Kiri Close, Leslie Henry, Al Schwalm, Thedna Zimiga, Lynnea Bouhenguel, Jeff Olson, Marilyn Kockrow, Julie Johnson, Glorianna Cordova Under Baggage, Anna respects Nothing (WKCC Student Rep.), Michelle May, Kateri Montileaux, Georgia Rooks, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Anthony Fresquez, Shirley Brewer, Elaine Gibbons, Fedelia Cross, Charles Jason Tinant, Angela Koenen


1.  Meeting called to order at 10:37


2.  Prayer offered by Kiri Close


3.  Minutes from last December 2009


            Motion to approve – Glorianna Cordova Under Baggage

            Seconded – Lynnea Bouhenguel


Passed:  Yes

                        For: 22

                        Against: 0

                        Abstentions: 3


4.      Break into sub-committees at 10:42


5.      Sub-committee’s reconvened at 11:23


6.      Sub-committee reports


a.       College Success


Summary:  Since the last meeting the supervisor of Foundational Studies is comfortable with the shift of center staff teaching College Success.  The subcommittee will continue to explore options concerning College Success instruction and delivery, outside of the committee.


Motion:  The College Success Subcommittee of Instructional Affairs will continue to explore alternative instruction and delivery for College Success.


            Motion by: Marilyn Kockrow

            Seconded by: Anthony Fresquez


Passed: Yes

For: Unanimous




b.      Curriculum


Summary: Devona Lone Wolf discussed a curriculum change for the CD program, and will present documentation in time so that there can be a first reading at the next IA meeting. 


There was a concern about how well rounded the degree programs at OLC are.


Motion:  That the larger Instructional Affairs Committee charges the Curriculum sub committee to be given the charge of reviewing the B.A. and B.S degrees at O.L. C concerning the breadth and depth of academic preparations afforded our students. 


            Motion by: Paul Robertson

            Second by: Anthony Fresquez


                        For: Unanimous

                        Against: 0

                        Abstention: 0


c.       Strategic Enrollment


Summary:  This committee disseminated their work to date to the full IA committee.  They would like to have input concerning changes to the registration and advising policies and procedures as soon as possible so they can continue their work.  Recommendations and other input should be sent to Marilyn Kockrow-


d.      Distance Learning – 


Summary:  Jim is charged with designing one hundred percent online courses. This is part of what this committee was working towards.  The policy concerning Distance Learning can be stated as Oglala Lakota College will provide online education.  This committee is working towards a simplified policy concerning Distance Learning.


Examples of Online Teaching and Learning Resources can be seen at



7.      Old Business : None


8.      New Business: None


9.      Adjourned at  11:45


Motion to adjourn: Anthony Fresquez

Seconded by:        Al Schwalm

For: Unanimous

Against: 0

Abstention: 0

Passed: Yes