Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
: Dr. Jeffrey Olson,   Vice-Chair: Ahmed Al-Asfour Recorder: Thedna Zimiga

October 2, 2009

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Angela Koenen, Paul Robertson, Susanne Auer,  Michelle May, Georgia Rooks, Kateri Montileaux,  Elaine Gibbons, , Kiri Close, Thomas Raymond, Susie White Thunder, Kimberly Bettelyoun He Crow, Chrysan Herman, Charles Jason Tinant, Lynnea Bouhenguel, Leslie Henry, Alessandra Higa, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Brett Bump, Christine Stagnetto-Sarmiento, Julie Johnson, Jim Dudek, Thedna Zimiga, Anthony Fresquez, Bessie LeBeau, Judith Graham




Meeting called to order by Ahmed Al Asfour at: 10:30

1.      Prayer offered by:  Anthony Fresquez


2.      Minutes from last September 4, 2009 read. 


    1. Motion to approve –  Paul Robertson
    2. Seconded – Kimberly Bettelyoun-He He Crow
    3. Vote – Unanimous


Motion Passed


3.      Old Business –


a.       Minutes from 4-4-09 read and discussed


                                                  i.      Motion to approve – 

                                                ii.      Seconded

                                              iii.      Vote –


b.      From Curriculum Committee – requested discussion of Independent study policy within the whole IA committee for guidance/input. 


4.      Break into sub-committees at: 10:37


a.       College Success


                                                  i.      Discuss report from directors???


b.      Curriculum


                                                  i.      Independent Study Policy – Our current practice is more appropriately termed as supervised completion of course requirements. Policy and practice to be reviewed and revised as appropriate. Consider online courses as the vehicle for supervised course completion. 



c.       Strategic Enrollment


                                                  i.      College entrance process – Instruction Affairs to review and recommend revisions if appropriate, with a focus on required placement based on testing. 

                                                ii.      Continue to discuss registration and advising changes

                                              iii.      Enrollment process for those with a BA wanting to continue their education


d.      Distance Learning – 


                                                  i.      Develop online instruction procedures based on new distance education policy. 


5.       Sub-committee’s reconvened at:  11:25


6.      Sub-committee reports. 


a.       College Success - Only freshman students who place into 083/093 courses will be required to take College Success. Those freshman students who place into English 103 will not be required to take College Success.  Those students with more than 24 credit hours will not be required to take College Success and it will be offered as an option.  This change would not take place until the next academic year instead of the spring of this year.   The College Success class would be waived for those that choose to stay on an older status sheet that requires the three hour College Success class.


This will continue to be discussed and a formal draft will be brought to the full committee at the next meeting.


b.      Curriculum  -  Continue to discuss the present issues and will bring that to the full committee next meeting.



c.       Strategic Enrollment- The focus of the discussion is to look at clarifying the language to address those students with greater than 24 credit hours.  This will continue to be discussed and will be brought to the full committee next meeting.



d.      Distance Learning – This committee discussed separating the online classes from the heading of Piya Wiconi on the schedule that students see at registrations. This is to clearly identify the online classes so students know that the class they sign up for is an online class.


7.      New Business – None submitted



8.      Motion to adjourn: Anthony Fresquez

   Seconded by: Thomas Raymond


    For:  Unanimous

               Against: 0

   Abstention: 0

   Adjourned at: 11:35