Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes
: Dr. Jeffrey Olson,   Vice-Chair: Ahmed Al-Asfour Recorder: Thedna Zimiga

December 4, 2009

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Angela Koenen, Jeffrey Olson, Susanne Auer, Lavera Rose, Sharon Running Hawk, Agnes Gay, Ramona Janis, Michelle May, Georgia Rooks,  Kiri Close, Thomas Raymond, Susie White Thunder, Kimberly Bettelyoun He Crow, Leslie Henry, Marilyn Kockrow, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Jim Dudek, Brett Bump, Judith Graham, Al Schwalm, Chrysan Herman, Kateri Montileaux, Bessie LeBeau, Fedelia Cross, Lynnea Bouhenguel, Thedna Zimiga, Diana Cournoyer, Julie Johnson, Charles Jason Tinant



1.      Meeting called to order by Jeffrey Olson at: 12:34


2.      Prayer offered by:  Jim Dudek


3.      Minutes from last Nov. 6 read. 

a.       Motion to approve –  Thomas Raymond

b.      Seconded – Ahmed Al-Asfour

c.       Vote –

                                                  i.      For - Unanimous

                                                ii.      Against-0

                                              iii.      Abstain-0


 Motion Passed



October 2nd meeting minutes will need to be approved at the next meeting.


4.      Old Business


a.       Second Reading -  Social Science Course changes


                                                  i.      Motion to Accept the packet as submitted – Al Schwalm


Discussion concerning the removal of the College Success class from the status sheets.


                                                ii.      Motion to accept the amendment to the submitted packet with changes to College Success – Lynnea Bouhenguel


                                              iii.      Seconded – Thomas Raymond

                                              iv.      Vote

1.      For             - Unanimous

2.      Against      -0

3.      Abstain      -0

Motion Passed


5.      New Business


a.       COSU committee – disband??? 

Motion to disband the COSU Committee

            Motion by – Thomas Raymond

            Seconded by – Chrysan Herman


            For- Unanimous

            Against – 0

            Abstain -0

Motion Passed


6.      Break into sub-committees at: 12:54


a.       College Success


b.      Curriculum


                                                  i.      Social Work Degree Changes – 1st reading

                                                ii.      Applied Science Degree Changes – 1st reading


c.       Strategic Enrollment


                                                  i.      College entrance process – Instruction Affairs to review and recommend revisions if appropriate, with a focus on required placement based on testing. 

                                                ii.      Continue to discuss registration and advising changes


d.      Distance Learning – 


                                                  i.      Develop online instruction procedures based on new distance education policy. 

                                                ii.      Develop idea of “OLC Virtual College Center”


7.       Sub-committee’s reconvened at: 1:28


8.      Sub-committee reports. 


a.       COSU – Motion was accepted to disband the COSU Committee


b.      Curriculum –

Motion to accept the changes to the Social Work Degree (Math 103 and higher and a Statistic course) as approved of by the Curriculum Committee.


            Motion to accept the Social Work Degree changes as a second reading.


Motion by: Ahmed Asfour

Second by:  Marilyn Kockrow


            For  - Unanimous



Motion Passed


Motion to accept the Applied Science degree changes for Second reading


            Motion by Leslie Henry

            Second by Ahmed Al Asfour



                        For – Unanimous

                        Against -0

                        Abstain -0


Motion Passed.


Motion to accept the Straw Bale Construction course for second reading


Motion to accept: Lynnea B

Second by: Susann Auer



            For: Unanimous

            Against – 0

            Abstain – 0

Motion Passed


Motion to approve the name change of Plmb 103, 113, 123 to Plumbing 101, 201, 301, and HV 103, 113, 123 to HV 101, 201, 301


Motion by: Julie Johnson

Second by: Leslie Henry


            For – Unanimous

            Against- 0

            Abstain -0


c.       Strategic Enrollment – No Report



d.      Distance Learning – 

Will continue to work on procedures and will continue to work between meetings.




9.      Motion to adjourn: Jeffrey Olson

   Seconded by: All


    For:  Unanimous

               Against -0



   Adjourned at: 1:40 pm