Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
: Dr. Jeffery Olson,   Vice-Chair: Jim Dudek Recorder: Thedna Zimiga

May 1, 2009, 2009

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library

In attendance at meeting: Kateri Montileaux, Elaine Gibbons, Georgia Rooks, Lynnea Bouhenguel, Glorianna Under Baggage, Bessie LeBeau, Jamie Lee, Laurana Wong, Shirley Brewer, Hannan LaGarry, Art Fisher, Kiri Close, Susanne Auer, Paul Robertson, Marilyn Kockrow, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Brett Bump, Christine Stagnetto-Sarmiento, Julie Johnson, Jeff Olson, Chrysan Herman, Anthony Fresquez, Richard Red Elk, Thedna Zimiga

  1. Meeting called to order at: 11:24

  2. Prayer offered by: Jim Dudek

  1. Minutes from last April 17, 2009 read.

    1. Motion to approve –Glorianna Under Baggage

    2. Seconded – Marilyn Kockrow

    3. Vote – Yes –Unanimous

No – 0

Motion passed

  1. Old Business

    1. Second reading

      1. A motion to consolidate chemistry for health sciences I and chemistry for health science II into one class called Chemistry for Health Sciences. This will be a two credit hour reduction to meet the overall credit hour reduction.

        1. Motion – Georgia Rooks

        2. Seconded – Chrysan Herman

        3. Vote –

Yes –23

No – 0

Abstention – 1

Motion passed

  1. Break into sub-committees at: 11:28

  1. Sub-committee’s reconvened at: 11:43

  2. Sub-committee reports

    1. College Success – Report by Jamie Lee

There will be a committee that will be formed to continue discussions over the summer.

Motion to approve the change of name from Reading and Study skills to College Success, and all students with 24 credits or less are required to take College Success.

Motion by: Jamie Lee

Seconded by: Elaine Gibbons

Vote – Yes - 21

No – 1

Abstention – 2

Unanimous -

Motion passed

    1. Curriculum – No report

    2. Strategic Enrollment – No report

    1. Distance Learning –No report

  1. New Business: None

Motion to adjourn: Paul Robertson

Seconded by: Susanne Auer

For: Unanimous



  1. Adjourned at 11:58