Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes
: Dr. Jeffrey Olson        Vice-Chair: Kim He Crow     Recorder: Julie Johnson

December 3, 2010

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Ahmed Al-Asfour, Georgia Rooks,   Jim Dudek, Charles Jason Tinant,  , Kiri Close, Kimberly Bettelyoun, Jean Reeves, Bill Okrepkie, Laura Dunn, Kirk Costion, Jeffrey Olson,  Anthony Fresquez,  Joseph Kirk, Lavera Rose, Thedna Zimiga, Leslie Mesteth, Julie Johnson, Dawn Frank, Sharon Running Hawk, Lynnae Bouhenguel


1.      Meeting called to order at: 11:36 a.m.


2.      Prayer offered by: Tony Fresquez


3.      Minutes from last November 5, 2010  

Motion to accept the meeting minutes from last Nov. 5, 2010


    1. Motion to accept:  Bill Okrepkie
    2. Seconded: Jean Reeves

i.  Vote –

For: Unanimous

Against: 0

Abstain: 0


Motion Passed


4.      Break into sub-committees at:  11:40 a.m.


a.       Webpage Development Committee

b.      A.A. Committee

c.       Strategic Plan Committee

d.      Catalog Committee          

e.       Curriculum Committee


5.      Break for lunch at:  11:55 a.m.


6.      Return from lunch and back into sub-committees at:  1:11 p.m.


7.      Sub-committee’s reconvened at:  1:23 p.m.


8.      Sub-committee reports. 


a.       Webpage Development Committee report – Jim Dudek reported that the top menu bar on the OLC webpage is under review.  Jim presented the newly designed “mock-up” of the webpage that reduces the amount of clicks it takes to access information on the webpage.  It will be sent out to the committee as a whole so that recommendations/feedback can be made on the webpage by the next meeting.


b.      A.A. Committee report – Kim Bettelyoun presented that the committee has completed an A.A. in Liberal Studies or General Studies composed of the core A.A. (as previously determined by the committee) and the introduction of MIS 113 into the core.  The A.A. also includes the Lakota Studies Core and an Emphasis area composed of 21 credit hours.  There is also a section for Free Electives composed of 9 credit hours.  This recommended streamlined degree is 64 credit hours and it is recommended that students can only receive this degree one time.  There was discussion regarding what constitutes or should constitute a full time student and if the 64 credit hours were excessive.  The newly revised AA will be emailed out to everyone on the committee for review.  It was also noted that the A.A. in Art, Nursing, Life Science, and the new Engineering degree will have to remain as they currently exist and all others will be combined into one.



c.       Strategic Plan Committee report – Tony Fresquez reported that the committee has broken down the strategic plan among members of the subcommittee and they will individually review their sections and will meet again with recommendations in January during registration week.



d.      Catalog Committee report – Leslie Mesteth reported that the committee is still waiting on information from chairs and departments in order to update the catalog.


e.       Curriculum Committee report – No Report


9.      Old Business – 2nd Reading of Math/Science Course change

Concerns were voiced over the overwhelming amount of credit hours in the newly created program.  Jason Tinant presented that the reason for the high numbers is that their department is trying to fill in the additional math and engineering courses as required by the grant in order to allow students to enter the School of Mines as a Junior and remain with their cohort and succeed in the program.  This degree is intended to retain students to work on the reservation and fulfill the need for engineers on the reservation.  The courses in the degree program were created with the assistance of faculty at the School of Mines as well as an articulation agreement.  It is hoped that the degree program will create a stronger relationship with the School of Mines for both funding and student assistance.


a.       Motion to accept – Tony Fresquez

b.      Seconded – Bill Okrepkie

c.       Vote

i.  For-Unanimous

ii.            Against

iii.          Abstain

iv.          Motion Passed/Failed




10.  Motion to adjourn: Tony Fresquez

Seconded by:  Kim Bettelyoun


For: Unanimous



      Motion passed

     Adjourned at:  1:52 p.m.