Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
: Dr. Jeffrey Olson,   Vice-Chair: Ahmed Al-Asfour Recorder: Thedna Zimiga

September 17, 2010

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Ahmed Al-Asfour,  Jean Reeves,  Georgia Rooks,  Julie Johnson, Jim Dudek, Charles Jason Tinant, Thomas Raymond, Kimberly Bettelyoun He Crow, Susie White Thunder, Jeffrey Olson, Judith Graham, Lynnea Bouhenguel, Anthony Fresquez, Al Schwalm, Dawn Frank, Joseph Kirk, Corey Yellow Boy, Bill Okrepkie, Shawn Reinhart, Lavera Rose, Laura Dunn, Thedna Zimiga



1.      Meeting called to order at: 10:31


2.      Prayer offered by: Jim Dudek


3.      Minutes from last May 7, 2010 read. 

Motion to approve of the minutes for May 7, 2010


    1. Motion by:  Joann White Thunder
    2. Seconded by: Kimberly Bettelyoun
    3. Vote –

For: Unanimous

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

      Motion passed


4.      Old Business – None


5.      New Business – Election of Officers for Academic Year 2009-2010

Motion to nominate Jeffrey Olson for Chair


Motion by: Anthony Fresquez

Seconded by: Julie Johnson


            Vote: Unanimous


Kimberly Bettelyoun volunteers for the Vice- President


            Vote: Vice President by Acclimation


Motion to nominate Julie Johnson as Recorder


            Motion by: Kimberly Bettelyoun

            Seconded by: Jean Reeves


            Vote: Unanimous



a.       Chair –  Jeffery Olson

b.      Vice-Chair – Kimberly Bettelyoun He Crow

c.       Recorder -  Julie Johnson



Instructional Affairs Committee – Administrative Charge for 2010 -2011


  1. Academic Departments will be reviewing degree offerings to determine the AA degrees that should be retained, and those that are no longer needed. The Instructional Affairs Committee will be reviewing these recommendations.
  2. Review the current catalog for content, revisions, corrections, with the intent of a 3 year catalog.
  3. Review and recommend revisions to existing course scheduling policies for revisions in light of Jenzebar, online course offerings, and recent changes in financial aid regulations.
  4. Review existing Strategic Plan and consider revisions related to academic mission.
  5. Complete any unfinished business from last year.
  6. Any new initiatives or issues arising from the committee.


Gerald Giraud, Ph. D.

Vice President for Instruction

Oglala Lakota College


Motion to accept the creation of a new subcommittee to address the issues of AA (item 1 of the administrative charges for 2010-2011)


Motion by: Judith Graham

Seconded by: Anthony Fresquez


Vote:         Unanimous


Motion passed


Catalog subcommittee is formed to address item 2 (focus of the spring), 3 (focus in the fall), and 5 (ongoing)


Motion to combine items 2, 3, and 5


Motion by Anthony

Seconded by Jason Tinant


            Vote: Unanimous


Motion passed


Motion to create a separate subcommittee (Strategic Plan) to address the review of existing Strategic Plan and consider revisions related to academic mission


Motion by: Anthony Fresquez

Seconded by: Georgia Rooks



                        For: Unanimous


Motion passed



6.      Break into sub-committees at: 10:55


a.       Webpage Development Committee

b.      A.A. Committee

c.       Strategic Plan Committee

d.      Catalog Committee

e.       Curriculum Committee


7.      Sub-committee’s reconvened at: 11:36


8.      Sub-committee reports. 

a.       Webpage Development Committee

1.      Report – Web page is open and anyone can contribute it’s free gratis, au gratin. We need an institutional webpage, where information is accessible within two to three mouse clicks.



b.      Curriculum

1.      Report – No Report

Members: Lynnea Bouhenguel, Bill Okrepkie, L. Dunn (Laura)

c.       A.A. Committee

1.      Report – Discussion on standardizing the core requirements. Talked about sending out an email to see if there are any A.A.’s that have to be kept.


d.      Strategic Plan Committee

1.      Report – Exchanged ideas and emails.  Judith is going to check to see if there is an electronic version of the Strategic Plan.  Dawn is going to check with the assessment committee and the committee will continue to work.


Members: Dawn Frank, Thomas Raymond, Judith Graham, Shawn Reinhart, and Anthony Fresquez


e.       Catalog Committee

1.      Report – We will look at what is in the catalog and what needs to be updated.  This includes athletics, accuplacer, and content. We will also be working towards the 4 year catalog.  We are asking the departments to look at their prerequisites and see what prerequisites will work and what can be taken out.  Leslie will be emailing out for information.


Members: Leslie Mesteth, Georgia Rooks, Jason Tinant, Corey Yellow Boy, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Joann White Thunder, Joseph Kirk, Julie Johnson, Thedna Zimiga

9.      Motion to adjourn:  


Motion by: Anthony Fresquez

Seconded by: Jim Dudek


For:       Unanimous

Against:  0

Abstention:   0

Adjourned at:    11:46 AM