Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Olson,áá Vice-Chair: Kirk Costionáá Recorder: Jim Dudek

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library

Sept. 9, 2011



Members in attendance at meeting:


Susie White Thunder, Tony Fresquez, Kiri Close, Thomas Raymond, Thedna Zimiga, Kirk Costion, Laura Dunn, Bill Oökrepkie, Joseph Kirk, Brett Bump, Lennea Goengahl, Ann Krejci, Alesandra Higa, Jason Tinant, jim Dudek, Bessie, LeBeauy, Partick Lee.


Meeting called to order by Julie Johnson at: 10:30 a.m.


Prayer offered by


Minutes from meeting of 7 May 2010

˝     Minutes were not located for distribution. The vote was been tabled to the October meeting.


Old Business - None


New Business - Election of Officers for Academic Year 2009-2010

˝     Chair - Jeff Olson was re-elected as Chair by unanimous vote to approve.

˝     Vice-Chair - Kirk Costion nominated by Brett Bump and Seconded by Tom Raymond. Unanimous vote to approve.

˝     Recorder - Tom Raymond nominated Jim Dudek and seconded by Thedna Zimiga. Unanimous vote to approve.

˝     Tony moved to request the officers meet with VP of Instruction to receive the committee charges. Vote approved by consensus

˝     Meeting handed over to the newly elected officers.


Sub-committee status

˝     Curriculum - standing sub-committee

˝     Web page - no report

˝     Catalog - work completed

˝     AA Committee - work completed

˝     Strategic Planning - work completed and remaining activities moved to Self Study Task Force


Sub-committee reports


Tom Raymond presented a new item titled, ôLakota Waldorf Teacher Preparationö

Bill moved, Lennea second a motion to accept the first reading. Approved by consensus


Motion to adjourn

Tony moved, Lennea seconded a motion to adjourn. Vote was unanimous