Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
: Dr. Jeffrey Olson,   Vice-Chair: Kim He Crow Recorder: Julie Johnson

January 21, 2011

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at meeting: Ahmed Al-Asfour, Georgia Rooks,   Jim Dudek, Charles Jason Tinant, Kimberly Bettelyoun, Jean Reeves, Bill Okrepkie, Laura Dunn, Kirk Costion, Jeffrey Olson,  Anthony Fresquez,  Joseph Kirk, Lavera Rose, Thedna Zimiga, Leslie Mesteth, Julie Johnson, Dawn Frank, Sharon Running Hawk, Susie White Thunder, Bessie LeBeau, Tom Raymond, Alessandra Higa,  


1.      Meeting called to order at 10:33 a.m.


2.      Prayer offered by Susie White Thunder


3.      Minutes from Dec. 3, 2010 put forth for approval.

Motion to accept the meeting minutes from Dec. 3, 2010


a.       Motion to accept:  Bill Okrepkie

b.      Seconded: Georgia Rooks

Vote –

For: Unanimous

Against: 0

Abstain: 0


Motion Passed


4.      Old Business – None


5.      Break into sub-committees at 10:42 a.m.


6.      Sub-committee’s reconvened at:  11:30 a.m.



a.       Webpage Development Committee-Jim Dudek and Jeff Olson reported that they are looking at drop down menus for each department and creating a mock-up website for review and suggestions.


b.      A.A. Committee-A motion was made by Tony Fresquez and seconded by Tom Raymond to approve the first reading of the committees suggested Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department.  The A.A. states that a student may only complete the degree once and it has eight emphasis areas;  Social Science, English and Communication Studies, General Business, Lakota Studies, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Information Technology, Education, and Natural Science.  Grant driven A.A.’s will not be eliminated by this degree.


Discussion followed with committee members expressing concern about the A.A. being housed in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department.  This has the potential of skewing enrollment numbers to show a larger amount housed in the humanities department because the A.A. will be housed there.  Discussion also included concern for the need for this degree program.


Tony amended his motion and recommended the approval of the A.A. with the following amendments:

-The A.A. will be housed in the Registrar’s Office (Not Humanities)

-Additional review of total credit hours in order to reduce the amount

-Possible removal of the term “General” in the General Business emphasis

-Students must declare a degree at the baccalaureate level prior to starting the A.A. degree so that students will be advised in their emphasis area






Motion Passed


c.       Strategic Plan Committee-Did not report.


d.      Catalog Committee-Did not report.         


e.       Curriculum Committee-A motion was made by Bill O’Krepkie and seconded by Tony Fresquez to approve the changes suggested by the Social Science Department for a second reading.  These curriculum changes that had been previously emailed to the committee.






Motion Passed



7.                    Motion to adjourn: Tony Fresquez

Seconded by:  Kim Bettelyoun


For: Unanimous

Adjourned at:  12:11 p.m.