Student Service Committee


January 21, 2005


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Thalia Cook                                                                 Stephanie Kindle-excused/center

Janice Richards                                                             Charles Pourier –?employee?

Leslie Mesteth                                                              Evelyn Eagle Bull –Sick Leave

Douglas Patton, Jr                                                        Lynn Ecoffey – excused/center

Sam Gardipe, Jr                                                           Loretta Red Feather – excused/center

Richard Jones - NEW                                                  Mitzi Youngman -??

Gary Jones                                                                   Ginna Arguello –excused/center

Wendy Jacobson                                                          Sylvia Hollow Horn- excused

Connie Hammock                                                         Emma Gallego - excused

Monique Sioux Bob                                                      Colleen Provost

Patricia Red Eagle                                                        Elizabeth Geboe

Sherri Ten Fingers                                                        Carolyn New Holy-Williams

Diana Styles - NEW                                                     Elizabeth Gibbons

Wesley Hawkins                                                           Romaine Tobacco

Steven Potter                                                                Shirley Lewis

Tawa Ducheneaux                                                        Tracie Gallego 

Susan Heathershaw                                                     

Keeley Clausen                                                           

Leslie Heathershaw                                                      

Holly Provost                                                  

Cornell Ruff                                                     

Vienna Kills Warrior

Darleen Bear Killer

Jennifer Sierra

Adrianne Brave Heart – NEW






 January 21, 2005


Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 11:25 PM.

Doug Patton– opening prayer


*Review of minutes dated 12-3-2005

 **Remove Veterans Upward Bound info**

            *Motion to approve – Steven Potter

            *2nd – Dareleen Bear Killer

            *All in favor



Leslie Heathershaw – New Hand book out

Janice – these current changes we are making will go into 05/06 Handbook

Leslie Mesteth – Current Handbook was just made

-         Billie has updated this Registrar info

Janice – We make our changes and forward them on to PWO for approval

Wendy J. – Discussion of changing “Drop” procedures

                    Dept Chairs are discussing changing from 5 to 3 absences

Keeley – We need to remember the STUDENTS!!

Richard – One needs to take into consideration to reason student has been absent

Wendy – Teachers are working with Students in the nursing program

Leslie H. – University’s don’t pay attention to the students like we do

Steven – We are one of the few tribal colleges that keep attendance

Janice – Financial Aide is reason we have to keep track

Richard – need to focus more on those classes the meet twice a week



Pat Red Eagle – Page 47 STUDENT SENATE

*States Nursing is different than a center but they’ve been told they ARE apart of  

  each district center.

*There has been no Nursing Student on the Student Senate


**Sam Gardipe – Asked about the Scholarships listed in the Handbook

    Janice – Only those listed are those that are given out @ graduation

-         Those scholarships that change annually are not listed


**Gary Jones – he will check into the Younconca Stories

                        Brent Swanson and Kim He Crow will be heading that up.



            Can this be included with the Student Misconduct Policy?

Janice – Suggested everyone read the Handbook so we can have complete changes by

May 2005

            Handbook is all on Billie’s Computer

Janice –Need to add info on the “access code” in the policy

-         Look into if a student can still access grades on Genzibar when on suspension

- Discuss with Billie next meeting – Invite her to meeting




      *Motion to adjourn – Wes Hawkins

      *2nd – Gary Jones

      *All in favor

***Meeting Adjourned – 12:00 PM*****