Student Services Committee Meeting



Meeting was called to order by Wesley Hawkins, Vice Chairperson at 10:40.


Pray was given by Sam Gardipe.


Those in attendance were:         Wes Hawkins                           Cornell Ruff

                                                Darleen Bear Killer                   Loretta Red Feather

                                                Thalia Cook                             Romaine Tobacco

                                                Warren Eagle-student               Sylvia Hollow Horn

                                                Ginna Arguello              Pat Red Eagle

                                                Leslie Heathershaw                   Tracie Gallego

                                                Emma Gallego              Carolyn New Holy Williams

                                                Sherri Ten Fingers                    Monique Sioux Bob

                                                Connie Hammock                     Lynn Ecoffey

                                                Stephanie Kindle                      Sam Gardipe Jr.

                                                Richard Jones                           Gary Jones

                                                Shirley Lewis                            Tawa Ducheneaux

                                                Vienna Kills Warrior                 Colleen Provost

                                                Keeley Clausen                        Holly Provost

                                                Shirley Brewer              Wes Hawkins

                                                Billie Hornbeck             Jennifer Sierra


Susan Heathershaw – sick leave

Leslie Mesteth – excused/center

Mitzi Youngman – excused/nursing




Minutes were handed out and read.


Motion by Cornell Ruff to approve minutes.

Seconded by Gary Jones.

Vote: Unanimous


The only items on the agenda are:  Student Handbook Revision and Jenzabar


Gary Jones Suggested the following Student Handbook Revisions:

Page 12Under Academic Suspension Procedure

            (Insert), on a conditional basis in the first sentence (it should read)

Students placed on academic suspension will be allowed to return, on a conditional basis, after the one full semester suspension period.


Page 27 – Under Determination of Pell Eligibility……

            (Insert) according in the first sentence (it should read)

PELL will be disbursed according to the number of hours students are enrolled in at the fifth week of classes.


Page 35 – Under   Assessment of student academic achievement

            (add) an s to Results in the second paragraph.  (it should read)

Results of assessment activities will be used to plan and budget for continual improvement of college operations.


            Under    Purposes of assessing student academic achievement.

(add)  #5.  (it should read)

5. To provide information to students academic portfolios for prospective employers.


            Under   Who will be assessed

            (add) #4.  (it should read)

4. Students may be given exit exam.


Page 43 -  Under  To Withhold Disclosure

                (take out “begin” in the second paragraph and add “of”) (it should read)

You must make a written request to withhold disclosure before the beginning of the third week classes of each semester- yes, each semester.



Page 43 -         Under  Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

                        (#4. take out “the” after maintain in the last paragraph) (it should read)

Further, all reasonable efforts shall be made to maintain confidentiality and protect the privacy of all parties.


Page 48 -         Under   Student Recognition

                        (add “, academic and” in the first paragraph) (it should read)

The college will annually recognize students for, academic and athletic achievement, and individual special attainment.


Page 50-          Under   YUOWANCA

(take out Deb Carpenter and Martin Red Bear and add Kim He Crow and Brett Swanson) (it should read)

If students are interested in sending in their work for consideration, they may contact Kim He Crow, Holly Boomer, or Brett Swanson at Piya Wiconi.


Suggestion for revision by Connie Hammock:


Page 32-          Under   LIBRARY    

(take out Ann Rutherford, Director replace with Michelle May, Director then take out Michelle May, Assistant Director)


Page 33-          Under  Archives

                        (#1. take out drums and buffalo skins) (it should read)

  1. Artifacts, consisting of objects such as, pipes and headdresses.


(Under second paragraph, third sentence after Special collections replace “is” with “are” and replace “seven” with “nine”)  (it should read)

Special Collections are arranged into nine sections: manuscripts, microfilm, video, audio, photographs, maps, blueprints/posters, and rare books.


                        Under Access to the Archives

(add Acquisition Donations are Welcome.

Change to




Jenny Sierra -  Page 6   Student Course Load  this should be clarified for the graduate students taking summer classes.


Tawa – There should be something in the handbook about Departments who check out materials to students, laptops, etc and don’t return them. Hold their grades or something?


Suggestion by Shirley Brewer to have the Departments come up with a policy or contract.

Shirley - At the last meeting there were changes made to the Handbook, what happens next?


Richard Jones - What happened to the work we did on Students with Disabilities?  Where is it?  It is not in the Handbook.  It was worked on before the NCA visit.


Shirley Brewer will look into it.



Sylvia – Page 4 – Testing for Entering Freshman

Do transferring students have to test?

What about students who cannot pass the developmental courses?


Jenny –Concerned about students having to retest after 5 years and having to take developmental classes when that have already gotten up to college level classes but haven’t taken classes for 5 years.  What can be done about this?


Darlene – Math department is working on a change


Billie – No one is enforcing this policy.  We need a remedial program department.


Shirley Lewis – We should offer remedial classes during the summer.


Emma – Page 8 Early Entry  #2. Is prepared for College Level work.  We need to change something or add something. Student s need to place into Engl 103 Cosu 103 and Math 103 and most student don’t.


Discussion on Early Entry Program and changes to Handbook


Motion by Lynn to have a committee to take a closer look at the Early Entry Program, bring in the Humanities Department and work with the schools before we make changes.

Seconded by Loretta

Vote: Unanimous


Committee Members are:  Lynn, Emma, Loretta, Sylvia, Thalia, Darleen, Cornel, Carolyn.and Jennifer


Carolyn  Page 34 – Graduate Handbook, what is the most recent?

Take out the date in last sentence.  (it should read)

See the Handbook for Graduate Study.


Shirley  Page 52 –OLC Telephone Directory

(take out Instructional add College) (it should read)

HeSapa College Center (Rapid City)



(take out White Clay add Oglala) (it should read)

Oglala College Center (Oglala)


Jenzabar – Billie


Can students on probation or suspension access their grades?  YES but Billie can shut them out if that’s what we want.


Motion to adjourn by Richard Jones.

Seconded by Gary Jones

Vote: Unanimous