Student Service Committee


March 4, 2005


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Susan Heathershaw

Sam Gardipe, Jr                                                           Douglas Patton – manning center

Sylvia Hollow Horn                                                      Wesley Hawkins – manning center

Steven Potter                                                                Charles Pourier ???

Cornell Ruff                                                                  Evelyn Eagle Bull??

Ginna Arguello                                                  Keeley Clausen – manning center

Leslie Mesteth                                                              Holly Provost – switch board

Colleen Provost                                                            Richard Jones   ??                    

Darelyn Runnels – new                                                 Emma Gallego - leave

Jennifer Sierra                                                               Connie Hammock??

Lynn Ecoffey                                                                Adrianne Brave Heart – center

Vienna Kills Warrior                                                     Elizabeth Geboe??

Darleen Bear Killer                                                       Elizabeth Gibbons – manning center

Tawa Ducheneaux                                                        Stephanie Kindle – manning center

Leslie Heathershaw                                                       Mitzi Youngman –manning nursing        

Shirley Lewis                                                               Tracie Gallego??

Janice Richards                                                             Shirley Brewer - travel

Patricia Red Eagle

Gary Jones

Sherri Ten Fingers

Wendy Jacobson                                                         

Monique Sioux Bob

Carolyn New Holy-Williams                                        

Loretta Red Feather                                                    

Romaine Tobacco                                                                   

Deanna Styles

Faith Pourier                                                    

Thalia Cook                                                    







 March 4, 2005


Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 11:30 A.M.

Sam Gardipe, Jr.– opening prayer


*Shirley Lewis – provided Literature on “Students with Disabilities”

Janice – not written in policy that the incoming students have to take placement test.

-         Catalog states “may be asked to take a placement test” 

-         Should this be changed??

Group discussion on the Math placement test

Jennifer Sierra – do we want the policy changed to say –

-         Entering Freshman only and/or returning students

Sam Gardipe – question new status sheets

Jennifer S. – students have to change to new status sheets after sitting out one semester



*Review of minutes dated 02-11-2005

            *Motion to approve – Shirley Lewis

            *2nd – Sylvia Hollow Horn

            *All in favor



  Leslie Mesteth – who do we make a recommendation to for this change

Steven Potter – who does this affect

Leslie Heathershaw – other college have same policy

                                 - Jenzabar is giving students access to get an unofficial grade report

Janice – Tribal programs are seeing and accepting more and more Jenzabar grade report

instead of official transcripts

Leslie H. – Students are asking/saying how can they pay their bills here at OLC if they

can’t get a job without transcript. Without a job they can’t pay back what they owe.

Lynn Ecoffey – states that Billi and the Registrar office has always worked with students

in the past to set up a payment plan. Once that is set up she will send out transcripts.

Group discussion on should access to grade reports on Jenzabar be blocked. By allowing grade reports to be printed, it causes a loop hole of OLC not getting monies owed.



Jenzabar access denied for grade report printing


Motion for Steven Potter to work with Billi and Registrar Office to stop further grade report access.

Motion by Steven Potter

2nd – Sylvia Hollow Horn

All in favor



Changes need to be to Billi by the end of the contract year (June 05).

Handbooks are printed in July of each year.


Students With Disabilities:


Discussion held of paragraph needing to be added to the Handbook

Vienna Kills Warrior – wording of this needs to be looked at very carefully.

Shirley Lewis – in future need to post this information at the college centers.

Vienna – need to make sure wording meets the Support Services Program. Suggested a committee be formed to research.



Vienna Kills Warrior

Leslie Heathershaw


Darleen Bear Killer - need to look in Policy and Procedure to see what services we can provide before changing our words to say we can offer what we don’t have means to.




Reasearch Disabilities


Next Meeting we will discuss Early Entry Program


Sylvia Hollow Horn – page 4 in Handbook, Entering Freshman testing


Leslie HeathershawRetention Issues Committee, Motion to have one member from

Student Services be on this committee.

                        Motion to have SS Member on Rention Issues Committee

                        2nd Ginna Arguello

                        All in favor

                        Leslie Heathershaw volunteers



Tawa Ducheneaux – Last meeting brought up issue of OLC Students not returning


-         Laptop computers are issued out in Graduate Department and are not being returned after the student has graduated.

-         What kind of policy could we put in place to get the property back or fine set in place.



      *Motion to adjourn – Sam Gardipe, Jr.

      *2nd – Tawa Ducheneaux

      *All in favor

***Meeting Adjourned – 12:10 PM*****