Student Service Committee


April 15, 2005


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Janice Richards                                                             Leslie Mesteth-other meeting

Faith Pourier                                                                 Ginna Arguello –manning center

Mary Palmier - NEW                                                   Loretta Red Feather - Bereavement

Romaine Tobacco                                                        Darelyn Runnels - leave

Thalia Cook                                                                 Gary Jones

Mona Lafferty – NEW                                                 Stephanie Kindle – manning center

Mitzi Youngman                                                           Holly Provost

Sherri Ten Fingers                                                        Cornell Ruff

Elizabeth Gibbons                                                         Tracie Gallego 

Steven Potter                                                                Wesley Hawkins –manning center

Tawa Ducheneaux                                                        Vienna KillsWarrior-manning center

Douglas Patton, Jr                                                        Colleen Provost           

Sam Gardipe, Jr                                                           Elizabeth Geboe

Monique Sioux Bob                                                      Patricia Red Eagle

Richard Jones

Lynn Ecoffey

Emma Gallego                                                 

Darleen Bear Killer

Susan Heathershaw

Leslie Heathershaw                                                      

Sylvia Hollow Horn                                                     

Adrianne Brave Heart

Shirley Brewer

Shirley Lewis

Jennifer Sierra

Wendy Jacobson

Keeley Clausen                                                                                   

Carolyn New Holy-Williams






 April 15, 2005


Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 11:30 AM.

Sylvia Hollow Horn – opening prayer


*Review of minutes dated 3-4-05

            *Motion to approve – Emma Gallego

            *2nd – Sylvia Hollow Horn

            *All in favor





      *Motion to adjourn – Emma Gallego

      *2nd – Lynn Ecoffey

      *All in favor

***Meeting Adjourned – 12:04 PM*****