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By Jonnie Clifford, Asst to VP of Instruction
email: Jonnie Clifford

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[dir] archives [15 Files]1.7 MB2006-Oct-16 
[xls] FA2007.xls111.5 KB2007-Sep-19 
[xls] FA2008.xls107.5 KB2008-Oct-01 
[bak] FA2012.bak133.0 KB2012-Oct-25 
[xls] FA2012.xls148.5 KB2012-Oct-29 
[xls] FA2013.xls133.0 KB2013-Sep-11 
[xls] FA2014.xls136.0 KB2014-Sep-15 
[pdf] FA2015.pdf626.0 KB2015-Sep-24 
[xls] FA2015.xls150.0 KB2015-Apr-20 
[pdf] FA2016.pdf507.8 KB2016-Sep-06 
[pdf] fall_2014_schedule_book_prices.pdf792.9 KB2014-Aug-11 
[xls] fall_2014_schedule_book_prices.xls214.0 KB2014-Aug-13 
[pdf] Fall_2015_Course_Schedule_&_Book_Prices.pdf920.0 KB2015-Aug-11 
[xls] SP2008.xls120.5 KB2008-Feb-14 
[xls] SP2009.xls122.5 KB2009-Feb-13 
[xls] SP2012.xls130.5 KB2012-Feb-02 
[xls] SP2013.xls137.0 KB2013-Jan-29 
[xls] SP2014.xls135.5 KB2014-Feb-06 
[xlsx] SP2014_ISBN.xlsx22.0 KB2014-Jan-08 
[xls] SP2015(1).xls144.0 KB2014-Nov-17 
[pdf] SP2015.pdf485.9 KB2015-Feb-13 
[xls] SP2015.xls143.5 KB2014-Nov-03 
[xlsx] SP2015_SCHED.xlsx94.5 KB2015-Jan-07 
[pdf] SP2016.pdf623.6 KB2016-Jan-28 
[xlsx] SU2014_SCHED.xlsx233.1 KB2014-May-14 
[doc] Summer_Schedule_2014 courses that went.doc615.5 KB2014-Jun-18 
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