Student Organization Minutes

[Date] 4/1/14 [Time] 12:30

Meeting Called by: Abby

Type of Meeting: Organizational

Time Keeper: Abby

List of Attendees: Nina, Janelle, Jeff, Ashley, Amy, Una, Trina, Stevie, Abby, Bri, Nicole

Old Business: Bake sale in Chadron made $452.00

Agenda Topics

[Topic] Review [Presenter] Abby

[Discussion] Who will attend the review in Sioux Falls and who will attend in Rapid City

[Conclusion] Sioux Falls on May 20 22: Nina, Janelle, Trina, Abby, Bri

Rapid City on May 28 30: Jeff, David, Ashley, Amy, Una, Stevie, Nicole

[Topic] Class Account [Presenter] Ashley

[Discussion] Present account total is $10,216.80

Need approximately $12,000.00 total

[Conclusion] Still need around $2,000.00 to meet goal


Date of Next Meeting: Undetermined

Move to Adjourn: Abby

Seconded by: Janelle

Meeting Adjourned at: 12:40