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By Michelle Bruns, MSN, RN Faculty
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[pdf] N328 Holistic Adult Health Nursing II - 2016.pdf406.4 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N324 Capstone syllabus 2016.pdf435.1 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N322 Pharmacology for Nursing II -2016.pdf696.4 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N317 Adult Health Nursing I 2016.pdf425.3 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] N313 Professional and Transcultural Nursing 2016.pdf356.9 KB2016-Sep-01 
[pdf] N312 Pharmacology for Nursing I 2016.pdf467.5 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] N226 Holistic Maternal Child Nursing-Peds Component 2016.pdf431.5 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N226 Holistic Maternal Child Nursing - OB Component 2016 .pdf273.9 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N223 Holistic Mental Health Nursing 2016.pdf370.1 KB2016-Feb-26 
[pdf] N218 Foundations of Holistic Nursing Care (and Topical Outline) 2016.pdf462.1 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] CNA course 2015 Spring with chapter topics and _objectives.pdf372.4 KB2015-Feb-05 
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