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                                                                                                   12-002 02/24/82

                                       BOARD OF TRUSTEES AUTHORITY (POLICY)

     1. The Board of Trustees alone shall be the legal embodiment of the Oglala Lakota College deriving both its
        authority and responsibility from the charter granted by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council.

        a. The authority of all staff members, and district boards, is created, defined and delegated by the
           Board of Trustees.

        b. The Trustees remain legally answerable for the actions of staff members and subsidiary boards and
           maintain the power to modify, expand, or abolish the staff and district board powers they have

        c. The Trustees as a legal body are unable to give away, or divest themselves of their authority no
           matter what resolution may be passed.

        d. Whatever action the Board takes may always be changed or reversed by a later action.

     APPROVED:  3/4/71

     The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by the Board of Trustees of the Corporation. The Board shall
     act as a Board of Trustees and the individual Trustees shall have no power as such.

     REFERENCE:  OSCC By-Laws, Article II, Section I.

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