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                                                                             12-006    9/21/83
                                                                             12-006    2/24/82
                                                                             12-006   07-31-16

                      ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS (POLICY)

Board members serve staggered terms of four years, and approximately half of the 
Board members terms of office expire every two years as indicated in the charter. The 
Board members will be elected at the general election of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. 
Petitions with 25 signatures of Oglala Sioux tribal registered voters will be filed in the 
Office of the College President twenty-five days prior to the general election. If only one 
petition is filed, then this individual will automatically be elected to the Board of Trustees. 
All candidates for office will be certified by the Board of Trustees and a determination as 
to the winner will be made prior to December 1st in the year the election is held. The 
newly elected Board member will take office at the December Board meeting. If no 
petitions are filed for the expired term of office the Board position will be filled by the 
vacancy requirements in the OLC charter.

REFERENCE:  OLC By-Laws, Article II, Paragraph 12 and amended by By-laws 
Revision Approved by the Board of Trustees  August 22, 2002

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