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     1. The charter of the Oglala Sioux Tribe empowers the Oglala Lakota College to enter into agreement with all
        "public and private agencies, including universities and colleges," for meeting the over-all objectives
        of the institution. All agreements as permitted by the charter shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.

     2. The President and his staff shall carry out all duties to arrange, present to the Trustees, execute and
        implement executed agreements.

     3. The authority for establishing Agreements extends to colleges and universities, accrediting institutions,
        technical assistance consortiums and governmental agencies.

     4. The agreements place ultimate academic responsibility and authority with the co-sponsoring institution;
        agreements have been arrived at, and will continue in force, only upon assurance that the resulting
        instructional programs will focus upon Oglala Lakota needs and incorporate Lakota Cultural concerns.

     5. The independence of the College in all non-academic areas of its operation is a presupposition to the
        negotiation of any agreement. The continuation and/or expansion of such co-sponsored programs remains
        under permanent review of the Trustees while evaluating the interests and resources of the Oglala Lakota

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