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     Policies and Procedures Manual
     Last Update: December 23, 2005

     Section 10-19: Legal Foundation and Board Oversight (Text)

     This section includes all policies relating to the foundation, creation, and legal authority of 
     Oglala Lakota College.
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[TXT]10-001.txt05-Jan-2006 14:37 3.3KCollege Authority (Policy)
[TXT]10-002.txt05-Jan-2006 14:37 638 College Purpose (Policy)
[TXT]10-003.txt05-Jan-2006 14:37 2.3KPowers of the College (Policy)
[TXT]10-004.txt05-Jan-2006 14:38 571 Offices (Policy)
[TXT]11-001.txt05-Jan-2006 14:38 471 Tribal Council Authority (Policy)
[TXT]12-001.txt05-Jan-2006 14:38 1.7KEstablishment of Board of Trustees (Policy)
[TXT]12-002.txt05-Jan-2006 14:38 1.3KBoard of Trustees Authority (Policy)
[TXT]12-004.txt05-Jan-2006 14:39 811 Board of Trustees Duties (Policy)
[TXT]12-005.txt05-Jan-2006 14:39 916 Term of Office of Trustees (Policy)
[TXT]12-009.txt05-Jan-2006 14:40 873 Resignation (Policy)
[TXT]13-001.txt05-Jan-2006 14:40 739 Disposition of Assets (Policy)
[TXT]14-000.txt05-Jan-2006 14:40 1.6KLiability and Indemnification (Policy)
[TXT]15-000.txt05-Jan-2006 14:40 429 Corporate Seal (Policy)
[TXT]16-000.txt05-Jan-2006 14:40 1.5KAuthority, Institutional Agreements (Policy)
[TXT]12-003.txt22-Jan-2006 19:23 3.3KMembership of the Corporation (Policy)
[TXT]12-006-1.txt19-Sep-2012 13:47 12KElection Procedures for Board of Trustees and District Boards (Procedure)
[TXT]12-007.txt15-Sep-2016 12:56 1.1KVacancies of Board Members (Policy)
[TXT]12-006.txt15-Sep-2016 12:56 1.5KElection of New Members (Policy)
[TXT]12-008.txt15-Sep-2016 12:57 2.0KSuspension and Removal BOT (Policy)
[TXT]12-007-1.txt10-Oct-2018 15:49 1.1KVacancies of Local Board Members (Policy)

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