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                                                                                     20-000  2/24/82

                                 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

The organization, management, and control of Oglala Lakota College is vested in the 
Board of Trustees, which exercises the powers and discharges the duties imposed by 
Tribal Council Laws. It shall be the purpose of the Board to provide education of the best 
obtainable quality for residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation, within the limitations 
imposed by the federal government’s ability to pay and their willingness to support the 
educational system.

The Board shall provide for a college system and establish general policies for its 
operation in keeping with the Tribal Council Laws. In carrying out this function the Board 
recognizes three general duties:

1.	Formulating and interpreting educational policies.

2.	Delegating administrative duties.

3.	Making a continuous appraisal of progress.

In fulfilling these general duties, the Board also recognizes the following additional 
definite and more specific responsibilities:

1.	To select a President and to support him in the discharge of these duties.

2.	To approve personnel nominated and recommended by the President.

3.	To establish salary schedules.

4.	To consider and act on policies for the college program.

5.	To require and evaluate reports from the President on the educational program 
        and the financial status of the college.

6.	To consider, revise and adopt an annual budget recommended by the President.

7.	To seek and utilize qualified professional recommendation when considering and 
        deciding upon expansion of services, building and facilities.

8.	To assist in presenting to the public the needs and progress of the educational 

9.	To provide, by the exercise of its legal powers, the funds it deems necessary to 
        finance the operation of the college.

10.	To recognize that authority rests only with the Board in official meetings, and that 
        the individual member has no legal status to bind the Board outside of such 

11.	To perform the Specific duties imposed upon the Board by the laws of the Tribal 

12.	To encourage, through appropriate authorities, federal legislation consistent with 
        the best interests of the college.

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