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                                                                                                   20-003 02/24/82

                                                 BY-LAWS (POLICY)

     By-Laws of the Corporation shall be adopted by the Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting or at any
     special meeting called for that purpose provided that the by-laws shall not be inconsistent with the
     provisions of the charter.

     REFERENCE: OSCC Charter, Article VII

     APPROVAL DATE:  3/4/71

     Amendments by Board of Trustees.  Except as provided in paragraph 2 (22-001) of this Article, these by-laws
     or any one or more of the provisions thereof may at any duly constituted annual, regular or special meeting
     of the Board of Trustees, by two-thirds vote of the Trustees present at such meeting, be amended by
     changing, altering, suspending, supplementing or repealing the same, if at least five (5) days written notice
     is given of intention to alter, amend, or repeal or to adopt new by-laws at such meeting.

     REFERENCE: OSCC By-Laws, Article XI, Paragraph 1

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