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                                                                                                   20-004 07/30/82

                                              ARTICLE 8. COMMITTEES


     The Board of Trustees may, by resolution, passed by majority of the entire Board of Trustees, designate one
     or more committees, each committee to consist of one or more of the trustees of the Corporation. The Board
     of Trustees may designate one or more Directors as alternate members of any committee. Except to the extent
     restricted by ordinances of the Tribe or the Charter of Incorporation, each such committee, to the extent
     provided by resolution creating it, shall have and exercise all the powers and authority of the Board of
     Trustees and may authorize the seal of the corporation at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees and have such
     name as may be determined from time to time by resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees. Each committee
     shall keep regular minutes of its meetings and report the same to the Board of Trustees.

     REFERENCE: OLC By-Laws, Article II, Paragraph 14

     Following is the committee structure of the Board of Trustees:

     All action taken by the committees will be in accordance with existing college policy as enumerated in the
     Board By-Laws and/or College Policy Manual.

               Committee Member          Areas of Responsibility          Meeting Time
                Personnel                 Personnel                        As established
                                          (hiring & termination)           at BOT meeting
                Finance                   Institutional Budget             As established
                                                                           at BOT meeting
                Program & Policy          New Program and/or Course        As established
                                          (degree) offerings               at BOT meeting

     Board meeting attendance policy shall apply to committee meetings of the Board.

     The quorum for committee meetings shall be two (2) with the exception of the Program Policy committee meeting
     which will be three (3). Four (4) members of the BOT will be assigned to the Finance and Personnel
     Committees, five (5) will be assigned to the Program/Policy Committee.  The Student Senate Representative is
     a permanent member of Program Policy Committee.

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