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                                                                                                   20-005 02/24/82

                                             LEGAL SERVICES (POLICY)

     1. From time to time, Oglala Lakota College is in need of legal services to adequately represent its
        interests in various important issues. The precedent has been established to have the College represented
        by legal counsel. It shall be the continuing policy of the Oglala Lakota College to enter into agreement
        with law firms on a competitive basis.

     2. Legal Services contracts may be negotiated on behalf of the College, subject to the following conditions:

        a. all agreements are subject to the review and approval of the Board of Trustees;
        b. as in the past, the agreements will be limited to services actually rendered, and does not in any way
           bind the College to any set fees or charges that are not part of services actually rendered for, or on
           behalf of, the College.
        d. All services rendered will have prior approval of the College President;
        e. Billing forms will contain sufficient information for the College to be able to assess the validity of
           claims for services rendered;
           Such information will include:
            name of individual rendering the service;
            brief description of services rendered;
            amount of time spent on the project;
            related costs.
        f. costs for services shall be negotiated.

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