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                                                                                2/24/82, 10-29-13

                                     ARTICLE 5. CODE OF ETHICS

The Board endorses the following Code of Ethics:

I. 	As a member of the Board of Trustees/Local Board representing all the citizens of the 
        college community, I recognize:

    1. 	That my fellow citizens have entrusted me with the educational development of 
        the people of this community;

    2. 	That the public expects my first and greatest concern to be in the best interest 
        of each and every one of these people without distinction as to who they are or 
        what their background may be;

    3. 	That the future welfare of this community, of this reservation and of the nation 
        depends in the largest measure upon the quality of education we provide to fit 
        the needs of every learner;

    4. 	That my fellow Board members and I must take the initiative in helping all the 
        people of this community to have all the facts all the time about their college, to 
        the end that they will readily provide the finest possible program, staff and 

    5. 	That legally the authority of the Board is derived from the Tribal Council’s 
        Charter which establishes the power and the authority of the college. 

    6. 	That I must never neglect my personal obligation to the community and my 
        legal obligation, nor surrender these responsibilities to any person, group, or 
        organization; but that, beyond these, I have a moral and civic obligation to the 
        reservation and tribe.

II. 	In view of the foregoing consideration, it shall be my constant endeavor:

    1. 	To devote time, thought, and study to the duties and responsibilities as a Board 
        member so that I may render effective and creditable service;

    2.	To work with my fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation 
        in spite of differences of opinion that arise during vigorous debate of points at 

    3. 	To base my personal decision upon all available fact in each situation; to vote 
        my honest conviction in every case, unswayed by partisan bias of any kind; 
        thereafter, to abide by and uphold the final majority decision of the Board;

    4. 	To remember at all times that as an individual I have no legal authority outside 
        the meetings of the Board, and to conduct my relationships with college staff, 
        the local citizenry, and all media of communication of the basis of this fact;

    5. 	To resist every temptation and outside pressure to use my position as a Board 
        member to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency apart from 
        the total interest of the College;

    6. 	To recognize that it is important for the Board to understand and evaluate the 
        educational program of the college. 

    7. 	To bear in mind under all circumstances that the primary function of the Board 
        is to establish the policies by which the college is to be administered but that 
        the administration of the educational program and the conduct of College 
        business shall be left to the employed President of the college and his staff;

    8. 	To welcome and encourage active cooperation by citizen, organizations, and the 
        media of communication in the system with respect to establishing policy on 
        current college operation and proposed future developments;

    9. 	Finally, to strive step by step toward ideal conditions for most effective Board 
        service to my community, in a spirit of teamwork and devotion to education as 
        the greatest instrument for the preservation and perpetuation of our way of 
        life; and

   10. 	to accord a mutual respect to all staff members and students.

III. 	 Board Members Responsibilities

    1.	To become familiar with, committed to, and abide by the major responsibilities 
        and duties of the Board as set out in the Bylaws of Oglala Lakota College. 
    2.	To devote time to learn how the College functions – its uniquenesses, strengths, 
        and needs.
    3.	To accept the spirit of academic freedom and shared governance as 
        fundamental characteristics of College governance.
    4.	To prepare carefully for, regularly attend, and actively participate in Board 
        meetings and committee assignments.
    5.	To maintain confidentiality when called for, and to avoid acting as spokesperson 
        for the entire Board unless specifically authorized to do so. 
    6.	To support College fund raising efforts through personal giving in accordance 
        with one’s means (both annual and capital drives), and to be willing to share in 
        the solicitation of others. 
    7.	To understand that the President is the exclusive agent of the Board in the 
        conduct of all college affairs.
    8.	To insure that the President’s performance will be systematically evaluated 
    9.	To learn and consistently use designated institutional channels when conducting 
        Board business.
   10.	To insure that any relationships that could be perceived as conflicts of interest 
        are to the distinct and obvious advantage of the College.
   11.	To refrain from actions and involvements that might prove embarrassing to the 
        College and to resign if such actions or involvements develop.
   12.	To make judgments always on the basis of what is best for the College as a 
        whole and for the advancement of higher education rather than to serve special 
   13.	To abide by Roberts Rules of Order as a Board member.

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